Management Science and Engineering

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Three pathways are available for postgraduate education and scientific research in this cross-school discipline:

Pathway A: Master of Science in Optimization and Simulation of Manufacturing System

This pathway focuses on research in the area of optimization and simulation of complex multi-stage manufacturing system. It covers multi-stage production logistics, production plan and scheduling theory and technology of complex multi-stage manufacturing enterprises i.e. formulation, optimization modeling and algorithm of production plan; order planning, optimization algorithm of operative plan, and simulation optimization of multi-stage logistics process, etc.

Pathway B: Master of Science in E-commerce and Its Application

This pathway offers research on information standardization, future development of E-commerce, problems during implementation of informatization in related industries in accordance with modern information technology, management science technology, e-commerce, development of social economics information, and other frontier fields. It also aims at studies on solutions to practical technology and application problems during informatization of government, enterprise, industry and international trade.

Pathway C: Master of Science in IT Auditing

With fast development of national economy information, auditing information construction has been attached with great significance in realization of national audit “immune system” and “state governance function”. This pathway focuses on implementation of IT auditing by operating auditing practice, which includes financial information system audition, audition for financial electronic data, and service electronic data from system database. It involves in data collection, data conversion, data analysis and data visualization, etc.

Sub-discipline: Information Management and Information Security

Master-accredited fields in this sub-discipline belong to management science and engineering discipline. Three pathways are available for this sub-discipline:

Pathway A: Master of Science in Intelligent Decision Support System

This pathway offers research on combination of artificial intelligence and decision support system (DSS). It covers studies on application of expert system technology for human knowledge to be fully utilized by DSS, including descriptive knowledge related with decision, procedural knowledge during decision, and inference knowledge of problem solving. It is helpful in solving complex decision problems through logic reasoning.

Pathway B: Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This pathway covers logistics system analysis, logistics operation management, development of logistics management information system, theory and method of supply chain management, intelligent information integration of supply chain management, structural adjustment, and optimization for complex adaptive system of supply chain.

Pathway C: Master of Science in Information System Security

This pathway aims at research on key factors of information system security, technology and strategy for improving security of network information system, that is, threat elements for information system hardware and software, aggression factors for system data, security technology of E-mail and Web, network security technique, secure access control, etc.