Beijing Information Science & Technology University


Beijing Information Science and Technology University (BISTU), a merger of its two predecessors, Beijing Institute of Machinery (BIM, supervised by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry) and Beijing Institute of Information (BIT, supervised by the former Ministry of Electronic Industry), is an institution with a relatively complete system of academic disciplines in information science and technology and is principally supported and supervised by Beijing Municipality. The University now has five campuses, plus a New Campus under construction covering an area of over 800 thousand square meters located in Shahe. The phase one construction of the New Campus has basically been completed in 2020.    

With a history of 83 years up to date, BISTU was established in 1937. Deeply rooted in the vast land of China, the University gradually grows with the nation. The University has been dedicated to boosting development of the nation and building a complete system of national industry, from upholding the banner of saving the nation by engaging in industry” in the period when it was National Advanced School of Industry, to the period of Beijing Institute of Machinery and its successor Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry (listed in the first cohort of institutions approved for postgraduate programs in 1981).

The Second Branch School of Peking University established in 1978 and its successor Beijing Institute of Information were built to meet the demand of national computer industry and directly devoted to national information industry and informatization. The past 83 years  have witnessed a large quantity of talents of excellence nurtured by the University and they have made due contributions to all aspects of national development in the area of industrialization, urbanization, informatization, and national defense. Currently, following the trend of the times, the University is sparing no efforts to building a high-level university with distinctive features in information technology and to contributing to building our nation into an information power of the globe.    

Based on requirements of the New Era, the University upholds the guiding principle of political construction and has reached the consensus of building the best university and achieving the best we can”. Construction of five environments is comprehensively boosted and the University has embarked on the fast lane of development with great vitality and a prosperous future.    

We have made remarkable achievements in party building and ideological education. Leadership of the Party over all aspects of work of the University is strengthened. Guided by political construction, the University has been constantly enhancing construction of five environments”, optimizing top design, and pushing forward reform of internal governance. Ideological education is stressed throughout the whole process of education and teaching to promote sound and rapid development of all aspects of our work. Party building and ideological education at the University have also been comprehensively enhanced in scientific, systematic, normative manner. For a number of consecutive years, the University has been awarded the honor of Institutions of Excellence in Spiritual Civilization and has been nominated as one of outstanding institutions of Beijing Municipality in party building and ideological education.    

With a featured philosophy of education, BISTU aims to educate students into quality talents of applied learning with moral integrity, hand-on skills, innovation awareness and international horizon. BISTU has a student body of 10,743 full-time undergraduates, 1,963 postgraduates and 144 international students. BISTU offers 43 undergraduate programs which find the way to distinction amongst peer institutions: 11 state-level first-rate programs, 4 state-level feature programs, 7 municipal-level first-rate programs, 9 municipal-level feature programs, 3 programs on the list of prioritized key fist-rate programs”, 3 programs officially listed in MOE Planning for Engineers of Excellence, 5 programs accredited by China Engineering Education, and 2 programs selected as MOE Pilot Programs of Academic Reform in Local Universities. Teaching excellence of the University is also supported by 3 state-level first-rate undergraduate modules, 8 municipal-level quality undergraduate modules among Beijing-based universities, and 8 sets of quality undergraduate coursewares among Beijing-based universities. The University also provides students and faculties with 2 state-level model centers for experiment teaching, 1 state-level off-campus field teaching base, 1 state-level filed teaching center for engineering, 5 municipal-level model centers of experiment teaching, and 5 off-campus educational bases. BISTU has won a national second prize for educational achievements and has been selected as one of the first cohort of model universities in Beijing for innovation and entrepreneurship orientated education reform. BISTU has organized Robot Competition for University Students in Five Provinces (Municipalities and Autonomous Regions) of North China for 7 successive years. The primary placement rate for undergraduates remains top 3 in universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. Students graduated from BISTU, with their strong competitive edge, are widely, well received by employers and have good starting salary.   

The reasonably structured, quality faculty team of BISTU is composed of 1,043 full-time academic teachers, of whom 67.6% are doctoral degree holders and 62.4% are professors or holding senior professional titles. The preeminent faculty teams of BISTU currently include 2 faculties listed in National New Century Talents Project, 3 Beijing Municipal Talent Teams of Strategic Science and Technology”, 3 Beijing Scholars, 1 Young Beijing Scholar, 4 listed in New Century Talent Project of Beijing Municipality, 18 outstanding teams of excellent talents in Beijing Municipality and Innovation Teams of municipally-supervised universities, 6 faculties honored as high-level talents such as Great Wall Scholars, 7 faculties as young outstanding and leading talents of Beijing, 45 faculties honored as outstanding and leading talents of municipally-supervised universities, 12 faculties as outstanding innovative talents of municipally-supervised universities, 20 faculties honored as municipal-level elite talents, and 103 as young and middle-aged backbone talents. The University also has 34 pluralistic Ph.D. supervisors and 385 master supervisors based on award-winning teams of the University: 1 team honored as teaching team of national excellence, 8 as teaching team of municipal excellence, 1 as innovative team of Ministry of Education, 1 as National Huang Danian-style Teaching Team, 2 as outstanding educational teams of Beijing-based universities, 1 Yangtze River Scholar & innovative team of Ministry of Education, and 1 as National May 1st Woman Pacesetter. In addition to teaching and research excellence, the University also stands out with 3 progressive collectives of excellent moral culture of Beijing Municipality, 30 faculties honored as role models of teachers code of morality, pioneers of teachers code of morality, and outstanding educational workers, 4 listed in support scheme for high-level talents in innovation and entrepreneurship of Beijing Municipality, 15 honored as preeminent teachers of Beijing-based universities, 2 honored as outstanding administrative staff members for undergraduate education in Beijing-based universities, and 11 winners of Beijing May 1st Labor Medal and awards for outstanding individuals in educational institutions of Beijing.    

Academic discipline development continues to be enhanced. BISTU offers a balanced, coordinated range of programs in engineering, management, science, economics, liberal arts and law. BISTU programs currently cover 13 first-tier disciplines of master degrees and 6 professional master degrees, in addition to 2 municipal high-end elite frontier disciplines, 1 municipal high-end elite frontier discipline co-established with University of Science and Technology Beijing, and 1 academic discipline co-established with Tsinghua University. Substantial support for teaching and research is given by a 26 provincial-level research institutes and labs inclusive of 2 ministry-level key labs, 1 municipally-supervised lab, 6 municipal-level key labs, 3 Beijing International Cooperation Bases for Science and Technology, 1 Beijing Research Base for Philosophy and Social Sciences, and 1 engineering center in Beijing-based universities. Based on the principle of categorized education, the University vigorously promote academic discipline construction in three categories, i.e., academic clusters”, information plus, and regular disciplines. And the University is expected to be approved for doctoral degree programs in 2021.    

Scientific innovation and academic research at BISTU are gaining momentum. BISTU has made outstanding achievements in new-generation information technology and smart manufacturing. From 2007 to 2009, BISTU won National Science and Technology Award for four times as the first author and won another one in 2017. BISTUs R&D funding has enjoyed substantial growth for ten years and R&D achievements in high-end software, sensor technology, high-end equipment manufacturing and other areas have been successfully commercialized. The overall assets of university-run science and technology enterprises exceed RMB 400 million Yuan. Beijing TRS Information Technology Limited, with joint-stock of BISTU, successfully goes public and BISTU thus became the first among its municipal peers that has a listed school-attached enterprise. In 2020, BISTU has had 82 patents licensed. The recent three years also see additional 5 provincial-level awards granted to BISTU.   

BISTU continues to boost globalization of education. Between BISTU and about 100 institutions around the world, Inter-school cooperative relationship has been established which covers joint educational models from undergraduate level to master and doctoral level. The postgraduate-level Sino-foreign joint program with Oakland University of USA on electronic information has been officially approved by Ministry of Education. BISTU has been honored with a number of honorary members of University Academic Committee and honorary professors, including globally renowned experts such as Nobel Economics Prize winners, academician of Royal Academy of Engineering, professors of University of Cambridge, etc. Working together with Tsinghua University and University of Cambridge, the University has established International Laboratory for Advanced Photonics and Electronics. Talent Introduction Based for Innovation in Advanced Photonics and Electronics has been included in Overseas Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation (111 Center”). The University serves as national base of talent cultivation for the Belt and Road Initiative of Beijing Municipality. And BISTU is one of the earliest members of Sino-Polish University Consortium (SPUC). College of International Education of the University offers academic programs on both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Various governmental scholarships are available for outstanding international students studying with BISTU. With growing size of international students and constantly-improving quality of international education, international alumni of BISTU now are making contributions on every corner of the world.    

Following the trend of the information times and upholding the guiding principle of political construction, with efforts and enthusiasm invested in construction of a double first-rate university”, BISTU strides forward on the way to realize information-featured, high-quality, intensive and diversified development to make itself a high-level university with distinctive features in information technology!   

(Data updated as of 28th February 2021 )