BISTU Alumni Association and Its Branches


Alumni Association of BISTU, a non-profit organization initiated voluntarily by our university’s alumni, was founded on March 18th 2012. On May 28, it received a registration certificate issued by the Office of Social Organization Registration and Administration, Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and thus became a Juridical Person of Social Organization. On November 24, its first branch was established in Sichuan-Chungking area. Branches in other areas such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jilin and Guangxi are in course of preparation. These local branches will become a bridge linking our alumni with the university, keeping them well informed of the state of BISTU. They can also be an alumni platform where information can be exchanged, friendship can be promoted, and contribution can be made concerning the development of BISTU.

An Introduction to the Alumni

BISTU was formed by merging two colleges, that is, Beijing Institute of Machinery and Beijing Information and Engineering College. Over decades, more than 100 thousand graduates in different majors have stepped home and abroad, making significant contribution to local economy and the society. Our alumni can be found in higher education institutions, educational administration, research institutions, etc. in the capital and other cities, some of whom are holding positions of importance. With a great diversity of majors, our university has cultivated application-oriented talents with high caliber of many kinds. Some of them have become backbones of their enterprises, and some who chose to start their own business have made great success. Some are now serving in the positions of leadership in administrative departments. In the press and other public institutions some of our graduates are also playing a leading role. These alumni have, with outstanding performance, won both social recognition and reputation, which has, to some extent, enhanced the influence of BISTU.

Distinguished Alumni

Liu Bo, graduated in 1978, majoring in Computer Science and Technology; Vice-chairman of Alumni Association; now Strategic Consultant of Chinese On-line Digital Publishing Company, dealing with venture capital investment.

Zhang Jingdong, graduated in 1978, majoring in Industrial Electric Automation; Vice-chairman of Alumni Association; Chairman of the Board of Guo’ao Controlling Company Limited.

Wang Xu, graduated in 1987, majoring in Computer Science; Vice-chairman of Alumni Association, now President of the Capital Guo’xin Information Development Company Limited.

Sun Bin, graduated in 1990, majoring in Precision Instruments; Vice-chairman of Alumni Association; now Director of Chengdu Kehong New Technology Research Institution.

Guo Lin, graduated in 1993, majoring in Communication Engineering; Vice-chairman of Alumni Association; now President and Chairman of the Board of Ai’jian Securities Company Limited.

Li Donghui, graduated with a master’s degree in 1994, majoring in Managerial Science and Engineering; Vice-chairman of Alumni Association; now Vice-president and CFO of Geely Holding Company; global director of Volvo.

Wang Minghua, graduated in 1980, majoring in Computer Science; Executive Director of Alumni Association; now Vice president of Beijing Zhong’ke Hong’qi Software Technology Company Limited.

Zhang Hui, graduated in 1989, majoring in Computer Application; Executive Director of Alumni Association; now CEO and executive director of Lenovo (Hefei) Information Industry Base (Compower).

He Hui, graduated in 1991, majoring in Management of Information System; Executive Director of Alumni Association; now Chief Manager of HR Department of China Food Company Limited, China Food Group.

Xiong Ping, graduated in 1993, majoring in Computer Science; Executive Director of Alumni Association; now CEO of 51cto Media Group.

Zhang Dongqiang, Executive Director of Alumni Association. In 1983, he was assigned to work in Hunan Motor Manufactory. From 1985 to 1988 he studied as a postgraduate in Managerial Engineering Department of Wuhan Science and Engineering University. In 1988, he was, in the course of writing the dissertation, transferred with his tutor to Beijing Institute of Machinery and began to teach in Managerial Engineering Department. Currently he is the director of Planning Office of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

Cheng Yong, graduated in 1996, majoring in Marketing; Executive Director of Alumni Association; now the initial partner and President of Beijing Wo’yan Capital Management Center.

Alumni Donation to BISTU


Cheng Yong (1996, Marketing) and Feng Yun, (1997, Electronic Automation) co-donated 210,000 Yuan, of which 100,000 will be used to set up a S&T innovation award fund for undergraduates, 80,000 Yuan to set up a Excellent scientific research journal award fund for young teachers of Economic and Management School, and 30,000 to improve working conditions of Alumni Office

Zhang Jingdong (1987, Automation) donated 500,000 Yuan to set up funds for academic award, entrepreneurship and S&T innovation activities.


Liu Tiefeng (1990, School of Economics and Management) donated 80,000 Yuan.

Lei Hong (1990, School of Information and Communication Engineering), donated 50,000 Yuan.

Shen Yanchuan, a teacher of BISTU, donated 10,000 Yuan.

Tian Yuhou, a graduate from School of Computer Science, donated $30,000 USD. The donated money was officially decided to be used to set up the Yu-hou Scholarship for freshmen from the year of 2012.


Li Ting (1986, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Equipment) donated 50,000 Yuan.

Beijing Tors Information Technology Company Limited donated 100,000 Yuan.

Liu Bo (1978, Computer Software) donated 20 copies of his book: Enlightenment: the 20 years’ experience of a IT senior manager in the workplace.