An Introduction to Undergraduate Education


BISTU aims to achieve an over-all promotion of pracitcal abilities, creative mind and comprehensive qualities on the part of students. It is constantly improving its training schema, optimizing its curriculum system and consolidating the practice link. With the philosophy of categorizing and teaching students in accordance with their own aptitude, it strives to cultivate application-oriented talents of high caliber to meet the demands of national economic and social development. Currently the university boasts 35 undergraduate programs, including 4 state-featured programs, one outstanding teaching team, one demonstration centre of experiment teaching and one educational centre of engineering practice awarded by the state, and 9 municipally-featured programs, 8 outstanding teaching teams, 8 prominent teachers, 4 demonstration centers of experiment teaching, 4 off-campus training bases and one innovative testing zone of training models awarded by Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC). In 2008, its undergraduate education stood up to the evaluation by MOE with a high rank. Since 2010, it has been authorized to recommend excellent graduates to enter postgraduate programs without sitting in entrance examinations.

With 10440 full-time undergraduates, BISTU has actively been holding subject contests and S&T innovation activities of all kinds. The number of participants is as high as 8 thousand person-times per year. The students performed extraordinarily in the national and Beijing S&T contests. They won the champion of the International Medium-sized Robust Football Cup for two consecutive years, the one and only best technology prize of Honda Energy-saving Technology Competition for three consecutive years. BISTU hosted the Cup of BISTU—the tenth National Robust Contests, which as a tryout for 2010 FIRA International Robust Contest. In 2012, it was designated by BMEC as a regular host university for Beijing Undergraduate Robust Contest. The 1st contest of this kind was held in September of the same year with great success.