Exchange Activities

Exchange Activities

As a university with a global vision, BISTU highly values and seeks to expand international exchange and collaboration. We have entered into strategic partnerships with 31 institutions around the world: University of College Cork – National University of Ireland, Griffith College Dublin; University of Applied Science Jena of Germany; La Trobe University, Victoria University and University of Wollongong of Australia; University of Cincinnati, University of Wisconsin Parkside, and Auburn University of Montgomery of the USA; University of Sunderland of the UK; Okayama University, University of Fukui of Japan; Mid-Sweden University of Sweden; Jinji Engineering University of South Korea, and the list goes on. 
The main components to the many university-wide relationships include research collaboration, visiting lectures, training of administrative and academic staff, student exchange, joint graduate and undergraduate programs, etc.
In addition to fostering long-standing connections with overseas universities, we have also made huge strides in welcoming international students to study at BISTU. On June 7, 2012, the School of International Cultural Exchange was established, aiming to bolster BISTU’s reputation, and take the scale of its international admissions and educational standards to a higher level.

BISTU’s global partners include: