BISTU's Undergraduate Education


BISTU is committed to educating talented men and women with hands-on experience, and has always set its sights on developing students’ practical skills, creative abilities, and positive qualities. The university has tirelessly endeavored to upgrade its academic programs, overhaul its course system, and offer more effective student practice sessions. BISTU offers students flexible syllabuses according to their personal aptitudes and learning objectives and it specializes in helping well-qualified students to join professions that require both specialist knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Currently the university runs 35 undergraduate programs, of which 4 are “State-level Academic Programs Recognized for Uniqueness” and 9 are “Beijing Municipal-level Academic Programs Recognized for Uniqueness”. BISTU boasts 1 “State-level Excellent Teaching Team”, 1 “State-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center”, and 1 “State-level Educational Center of Engineering Practice”. Besides, the university also has 8 “Beijing Municipal-level Excellent Teaching Teams”, 8 “Beijing Municipal-level Renowned Teachers”, 4 “Beijing Municipal-level Experimental Teaching demonstration Centers”, 4 “Beijing Municipal-level University Off-campus Talent Training Bases”, and 1 “Beijing Municipal-level University Innovative Initiative for Talent Training”.

In 2008, the university passed with flying colors the Undergraduate Education Quality Assessment conducted by China’s Ministry of Education (MOE). In 2010, BISTU was authorized to recommend outstanding current graduating students for postgraduate programs without taking entrance exams. In 2012, BISTU was granted permission to carry out a pilot project for the MOE Excellent Engineers Program.

With 10,440 full-time undergraduate students at present, BISTU has been actively organizing academic contests and S&T innovation activities of various kinds. The number of participants is as high as 8000 person-times annually. BISTU students have performed extraordinarily well in national and local S&T contests. They won the championship of RoboCup (Middle-Size League) for 2 consecutive years and the only “Tech Award” in Honda China Energy-saving Competition for 3 straight years. The university also hosted the “BISTU Cup” 10th National Robocon and the China Qualifiers for FIRA 2010. In 2012, it was designated by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC) as a regular co-organizer of University Student Robotics Contests in Beijing. On September 22, 2012, the First Beijing University Robocon took place at BISTU.