Alumni Donation to BISTU



1. Cheng Yong (1996, Marketing) and Feng Yun, (1997, Electronic Automation) co-donated 210,000 Yuan, of which 100,000 will

be used to set up a S&T innovation award fund for undergraduates, 80,000 Yuan to set up a Excellent scientific research

journal award fund for young teachers of Economic and Management School, and 30,000 to improve working conditions of Alumni


2. Zhang Jingdong (1987, Automation) donated 500,000 Yuan to set up funds for academic award, entrepreneurship and S&T

innovation activities.


1. Liu Tiefeng (1990, School of Economics and Management) donated 80,000 Yuan.

2. Lei Hong (1990, School of Information and Communication Engineering), donated 50,000 Yuan.

3. Shen Yanchuan, a teacher of BISTU, donated 10,000 Yuan.

4. Tian Yuhou, a graduate from School of Computer Science, donated $30,000 USD. The donated money was officially decided to

be used to set up the Yu-hou Scholarship for freshmen from the year of 2012.


1. Li Ting (1986, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Equipment) donated 50,000 Yuan.

2. Beijing Tors Information Technology Company Limited donated 100,000 Yuan.

3. Liu Bo (1978, Computer Software) donated 20 copies of his book: Enlightenment: the 20 years’ experience of a IT senior

manager in the workplace.