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In the recent five years, BISTU has achieved great-leap-forward development in the build-up of scientific bases, and the number of its research institutions at provincial & ministerial level has been doubled. Currently it enjoys one key laboratory of MOE, 4 of Beijing, 2 of former Information Industry Ministry, one philosophy and social science base of Beijing, 2 key laboratories of mechanical industry, one engineering & technology research center of Beijing higher education institution. Led by key laboratories, a scientific working system has thus been formed with scientific institutions as the main force and subject groups as the base.

Key laboratory co-funded by MOE and Province & Ministry

Modern observation and control technology laboratory

Key laboratories of Beijing

Photoelectric detection technology laboratory

Transducers laboratory

Modern observation and control of Electromechanics laboratory

Cyber culture and digital communication laboratory

Philosophy and social science base of Beijing

Beijing knowledge management research base

Engineering & technology research center of Beijing higher education institution

Photoelectric information & instrumental engineering research center

Key laboratories of mechanical industry

Laboratory of research and applied technology of key components of multi-spindle Modular machine tools

Open laboratories co-funded by Beijing and Ministry of Finance of PRC

TRS software open laboratory

Computer system open laboratory

Key laboratories of former Ministry of Information Industry

Information and communication system laboratory

Information acquisition and detection laboratory

Research institutions at university level

Knowledge management research institution

Circular economy research center

Information system research institution

Applied mathematics research institution

Data recovery research institution

Translation research institution

Electromagnetism information technology & coalbed methane exploration research institution

Research institutions at school level

Information micro-system research institution

Research institution of new technology of communication

Intelligence control research institution

Digital design and manufacturing research institution

Industrial injury insurance & its equipment research institution

Research institution of electronic technology of electric power

Observation and control technology research institution

Virtual reality & systematic simulation research institution

Intelligence information processing research institution

Public strategy research institution

Public administration research institution

Cross-culture research institution

English language and literature research institution

Applied linguistic research institution

Enterprise growth research center

Joint laboratory of marine information & scientific computation

International education research institution

Precision measuring technique & instrument research institution