BISTU was formed in 2008 by the combination of two older institutions: Beijing Institute of Machinery (BIM) and Beijing Information Technology Institute (BITI).

The original BIM was founded in 1986 from the merger of the Graduate School of Shannxi Institute of Machinery (which dates back to the 1930’s) and the Beijing Machinery Industry Management Junior College.

The original BITI was preceded by the 2nd Branch School of Peking University (which was established in 1978 by No. 1915 Research Institute of the 4th Department of Machinery Industry).

On August 21st, 2003, The CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Municipal Government announced the decision to establish BISTU.

On May 18th, 2004, the Ministry of Education approved the plans to prepare the ground for founding BISTU.

On March 26th, 2008, the Ministry of Education gave its seal of approval to the founding of BISTU.

On January 20th, 2010, a delegation of 7 Beijing government leaders, including Liu Qi, CPC Beijing Committee Secretary, Guo Jinlong, Mayor of Beijing, and Wang Anshun, Secretary of Education Working Commission of CPC Beijing Committee, visited BISTU. Liu emphasized the important role that universities could play in an innovative Beijing.