School of Information Management

By Fri, 10 May 2013 GMT

The five undergraduate programs in the School of Information Management include: Information Management and Information Systems, Information Security, Electronic Business, Auditing (Computer Auditing), and Management Science. The School has a 1st level discipline conferring master degrees in Management Science & Engineering and a 2nd level discipline conferring master degrees in Information Management & Information Security. The School also confers professional master degrees in Logistics Engineering. The focus of the research and graduate education of the School is intelligent decision systems, logistics & supply chain management, information system security, logistics system engineering, logistics system planning & design, advanced manufacturing & logistics management, etc.

The School boasts a highly qualified, experienced and energetic teaching team with outstanding achievements in teaching and research. Among the 47 faculty members, 6 are full professors, 14 are associate professors, 5 are postdoctoral research fellows and 18 have Ph. D. degrees. 

The School of Information Management owns an Experimental Teaching Center of Information System & Information Security, under which there are the Lab of Information System and the Lab of Information Security. Multiple experimental teaching platforms have been set up for the 5 undergraduate programs of the School.
In the School, practical teaching is emphasized through optimizing its training scheme. Thus students’ innovative spirits and practical ability are strengthened and enhanced. They have a splendid record of achievements in various national-level and municipal-level academic contests. Together with relevant government departments, the School also delivers fruitful training programs to train advanced and specialized personnel for computer-based auditing.