School of Economics and Management

By Fri, 10 May 2013 GMT

The School of Economics and Management provides programs in the disciplines of economics and management. Its 6 undergraduate programs are: Economics, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Business Administration, and Human Resource Management. The School’s postgraduate programs cover Management Science & Engineering, Business Administration and Applied Economics (1st level disciplines conferring master degrees), Technological Economy & Management, Corporate Management, Accounting, National Economics, Quantitative Economics and Finance (2nd level disciplines conferring master degrees). The School also grants professional master degree in Industrial Engineering and MBA.
There are 103 faculty members in the School. Among them, 16 are full professors and 34 are associate professors. In the School of Economics and Management, there are professors listed in Ministry of Education Talents Program and Beijing Talents Program, High Level Talents Program, Top-notched Innovation Talents of Beijing and Excellent Teachers of Beijing; there are professors receiving special government subsidies and working as government consultants and Chief Expert of Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Research Base. As renowned experts in teaching and research of quantitative economics, technological management, securities investment, quality management, assets appraisal, human resources, corporation growth and merger, finance and accounting, and corporate management, faculty of the School have scored considerable achievements in their fields of study.
The BISTU Culture and Management Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre is a Model Higher Education Institution Experimental Teaching Centre of Beijing Municipality. A few branches of the Center, namely the Lab of Accounting, the Lab of Finance and Investment, the Lab of Corporate Management, the Lab of Marketing Management, the Lab of Economy and Trade, the Lab of Experimental Economics and the Base for College Students’ Scientific and Technological Innovation, are operated and administrated by the School of Economics and Management.
The School also contains a Municipal Level Discipline Research Platform as well as Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Research Base – Knowledge Management Research Base of Beijing Municipality. Based on the municipal level research platform, the School has established two research institutes: the Institute of Knowledge Management and the Research Center of Corporate Growth. Other institutes of the School include: the Research Center of Experimental Economics, the Research Center of Technology Policy and Management, the Institute of Knowledge Engineering, the Institute of Vocation and Information Engineering, the Research Center of Productivity and Quality, the Laboratory of Knowledge Management and the Laboratory of Experimental Economics, etc.
The School of Economics and Management is actively involved in international exchange cooperation through a wide range of activities. The School’s exchange activities include: “3+1” joint program with University of California, Riverside, University of Wisconsin – Parkside, Auburn University at Montgomery of the U.S.A, and University College Cork of Ireland; “2+2” joint program with Bowling Green State University and Griffith College Dublin of Ireland; short term exchange program with Victoria University of Australia; joint research and academic exchanges on knowledge management, evaluation technology for toxic & harmful substance in consumer products with University of Toronto of Canada and University of Aachen of Germany; and international academic seminars and conferences in the fields of experimental economics, transfer of research findings, data sharing technology, WTO and China, and small and medium-sized enterprises in global economy, etc.