School of Electromechanical Engineering

By Fri, 10 May 2013 GMT

The School of Electromechanical Engineering has five undergraduate programs including Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and New Energy Science and Engineering. The School has Mechanical Engineering as a 1st level discipline conferring master degrees, under which there are six 2nd level disciplines conferring master degrees, namely Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Design & Theory, Mechanical Manufacture & Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Dynamics & Control of Advanced Equipment, and Industrial Design of Modern Manufacturing Equipment. The School also confers professional master degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Among the school’s 71 faculty members, there are 18 full professors, 28 associate professors. 36 teachers have Ph. D. degrees, accounting for 50.7% of the total faculty.
The School contains a Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center of Beijing and Laboratories for Electromechanical Measurement & Control, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacturing, Machinery and Electronics, Vehicle Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Mechanics & Materials. The School’s Lab of Electromechanical System Measurement & Control is the Key Laboratory of Beijing Municipality. Its Laboratory of Research & Application Technology for Key Components of Multi-axis Combined Machine is a Key Laboratory of the Machinery Industry.
Students of the School of Electromechanical Engineering have made outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation with dozens of awards received. The students’ robot-soccer team “Water” has won the FIRA Robot-Soccer World Cup for 2 consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. The students’ energy-saving car team “JIENENG”has won Best Technology Awards at National Honda Energy Conservation Competition for 3 consecutive years. The School’s racing team “Dream” has won FAW•FSAE Annual Award in China University Students’ Formula Car Race.
The School has established long-term stable cooperative relations with University of Applied Sciences Jena in Germany, University of Fukui and Okayama University in Japan, with joint undergraduate and postgraduate programs underway. Exchange students from the School are dispatched annually to foreign universities.