【New Year Address】A Special Tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Party with Achievements of Distinction

By Mon, 04 Jan 2021 GMT

Beijing, 1st January, 2021 (BISTU)— Time fleets past and all things take on a new aspect. Saying good-bye to the year 2020 when we have worked with diligence and determination, we are greeting the year 2021, a year of hope and expectations. On the moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new year, we, on behalf of all hardworking students, faculties, and staff, extend the sincerest gratitude and the warmest season greetings to all alumni home and abroad and friends of all circles of life!

The year 2020 marks the completion of our goal of building a moderately prosperous society and the mission of the 13th Five Year Plan. It is a key year for BISTU in winning victories in accomplishing three grand historical missions and comprehensively promote “construction of five environments”. It is also an exceptional year of challenges due to the impact of coronavirus epidemic. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, following the general lines of political construction, the University has been courageous in facing with difficulties and barriers, responding to risks and challenges, and comprehensive epidemic containment while giving top priority to life safety and physical health of all students, faculties and staff. We have also greatly facilitated “construction of five environments” and have made new progresses and breakthroughs in all aspects of our work. We have crowned the year 2020.

Only the toughest grass can stand strong winds and adversity reveals genius. During epidemic containment, the University has taken initiative among peer institutions in Beijing in firmly implementing the decisions and policies of the Central Party Committee and CCP Beijing Municipal Committee. The working group is established the moment epidemic containment commences. Information is channeled and communication is very effective. Together with eight sub-working groups, the University has built a solid perimeter of epidemic containment. All faculties and staff, with united strengths, get through tough times and make sure that life and health of students, faculties and staff is not on threat. The University also has established a specialized website for epidemic containment. Latest news is pushed on WeChat account of BISTU on daily basis. Finally, we are happy to witness smoot and stable online teaching, constantly innovative research achievements, orderly progress in students’ employment and job-hunting, rapid improvement in construction of the New Campus, and steady process of rectification and reform. The epidemic has also witnessed a number of BISTUers of excellence, including Xu Yunyou who has won more than 100 million clicks with his video clip on epidemic containment, Liu Guanyu who has helped in PPE collection activities in North America organized by Ministry of Education, Cai Zibo who has voluntarily joined the frontline of combating coronavirus epidemic, etc. They show the love of our nation with their actions. Their youth shines with their dedication. It is the nature and noble sentiments of BISTUers. With united, converged strengths, the University has made satisfactory answers to the examination of “coronavirus epidemic”.

Despite of trials and hardships, consistency between words and actions leads us to greater achievements in construction of spatial environment. The University has managed to overcome difficulties and barriers posed by the epidemic on construction of the New Campus and has restarted construction in the latter half of March 2020. It has been eight years since the New Campus is firstly planned. Within the eight years, all issues relating to resettlement have been sorted out, students’ halls of residence have been completed and are ready to use. Supporting facilities on campus have been well planned and some are under construction to welcome new students to the New Campus in 2021. We also have been approved in revised version of feasibility report on the New Campus. The year 2020 is a year of comprehensive progress with regard to construction of the New Campus: 336k square meters of buildings are under construction and about 2.889 billion RMB has been invested.

With persistent efforts, the University never stops pursuing better education and educational environment at the University has been constantly improving. In 2020, we have made substantial progress in academic programs: five programs of BISTU are approved in the first cohort of national first-rate undergraduate programs and three modules are on the list of the first cohort of national first-rate undergraduate modules. We have steadily progressed in application for approval of doctoral programs: ranking the 2nd on the list of to-be-approved institutions for doctoral education by Beijing Municipal Education Committee. Academic research at BISTU has made new breakthroughs: 29 projects sponsored by sponsorship of National Natural Science Foundation and 3 key projects sponsored by Joint Funding of National Natural Science Foundation. The University has been approved for 4 key research projects of national R&D plan. And it is granted 1 second prize in science and technology by Beijing Municipality and 2 first prizes by key industries of the nation. BISTU has just been listed as a model institution for intellectual property protection and successfully passed GJB9001C and ISO9001 assessment. Faculty team has been constantly optimizing: 1 faculty honored as preeminent teacher of Beijing, 1 listed as state-level talent, 1 granted Great Wall Scholar of universities supervised by Beijing Municipality, 8 accepted by advanced visiting scholar projects of China Scholarship Council, 1 team honored as high-level team of innovation among universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. Meanwhile, a number of academician and state-level talents have been appointed as part-time or adjunct progressor of the University. Reform on human resources continues going further. With documentation and rules published, rearrangements on appointment and engagement of professional technicians has successfully concluded. And new fields have been established and explored in respect of international education: in 2020, the postgraduate level joint program with Oakland University (USA) in Electronic Information is officially approved by Ministry of Education, which is a ground-breaking achievement in international education. And for the first time, the University start to recruit students of countries in the region covered by the Belt and Road Initiative--- building a completely new stage of international education.

With salutary influence of education and emphasis on teachers’ code of morality, outstanding achievements have been made in learning environment of the University. We hold onto the fundamental mission of “education with focus on teachers’ code of morality” and has built a matrix-type network of ideological education. A series of activities have been seriously conducted, i.e., the first lesson in college, three grand ceremonies (opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, and scholarship awarding ceremony), training class for party members and activities among freshmen, etc. The University has been granted the award (among universities in Beijing) for excellence in effectiveness of ideological education with students. Targeting at academic discipline development, the University has actively, systematically optimized and adjusted engineering disciplines and programs such as robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence. And 3 academic programs are assessed as first-rate academic disciplines of universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. Five academic programs are accredited by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association. We have also won 7 awards on municipal level for achievements in teaching. BISTU students have been granted 646 awards (around 1,300 person/times) in competitions of provincial level or higher levels in respect of academic subjects or science and technology. In the area of robotics, BISTUers have won 255 awards in innovation competitions, ranking first in terms of robotics competition index among universities in China. We have spared no efforts to building strong fields in nurturing talents for our nation and thus organized a themed activity of social practice on “youth serves the nation”. Four teams are assessed as teams of excellence and 8 students and faculties are assessed as individuals of excellence. The year 2020 also sees BISTU student volunteers in a number of great events, such as community service during coronavirus epidemic, garbage classification in Beijing, China International Fair for Trade in Services, etc. They are the shining name cards of the University and they have won extensive praises and reputation from all sections of society. Furthermore, quality of student recruitment continues to rise and the number of postgraduate students enrolled hits a record high--- the objective of the 13th Five Year Plan has been reached in advance.

Making strict demands on self and striving for perfection, the University has been promoting construction of governance environment. Firmly and deeply implementing the spirit of Central Party Committee and CCP Beijing Municipal Committee, the University has strengthened the Party Committee’s political leadership and perfected the system for identification and assessment of political qualities of directors and deans. Measures on rectification and reform have been taken to effectively promote full and strict governance over the Party. Following the problem-oriented principle and urging all to take their responsibilities, the University has made innovations in regime and mechanism. With focus on working style of directors and deans, equal importance has been given to education of vigilance and effective supervision to build a fair, open, orderly campus environment.

United in concerted effort, we carry on our fine traditions and have made new progresses in emotional environment construction. Facing with the coronavirus epidemic, the University has given top priority to life and health of students, faculties and staff. One after another measures have been taken to safeguard campus safety and health of faculties, staff, and students. The sense of belonging and the sense of safety are both enhanced for students. Efforts have been invested in strengthening construction of on-campus center for psychological health and psychological consultation center for wellbeing of each student, faculty, and staff. Publicity is also strengthened for role models and exemplary people. The activity themed on “shouldering the mission and striving for better future” has successfully concluded. Patriotic education, together with education on life and current situation of China, has been effectively conducted. And the University has made quite some achievements in cultural education. BISTU Art troupe has made outstanding performances in a number of state-level and municipal level competition. The epidemic also witnesses a number of works on combating coronavirus. We carefully organize cultural activities such as culture and art festival, science and technology innovation festival, on-campus reading day, heathy jogging on campus, etc. The culture of diligence and honor is promoted in an ambience of mutual sharing and mutual love. With human-centered principle, we build and advocate an emotional environment where one helps another achieve success and is happy for others’ achievements.

The third session of party conference of BISTU has been carefully, well prepared. The year 2020 is the final year to win the battle against poverty. The University have actively explored issues in this regard and dispatched faculties and staff to villages or remote areas. Diversified measures targeting various situations have been taken, such as introduction of intellectual resources, organizing multi-level cultural activities, etc. and we have made some progress in the anti-poverty battle.

Road ahead is long and hard. Persist, success is in card. In the past year we have faced with difficulties and challenges. We have been through ordeals. But we are determined and we would never regret. Faith moves mountains. Complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone. Under pressure and adversity, we unite strongly, firmly together and march forward without hesitation. At this moment, the bell for the New Year rings. There are numerous lights along the streets, in the houses, and in the rooms. However, the most touching for us are lights illuminating the whole night of office buildings and labs and faculties and staff who are still working on campus during the holidays.

Looking back, we are deeply grateful. Looking to the New Era, we are courageous to show our great ambitions. The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Communist Party. It is one hundred years of hardship and struggle and it is a century of vicissitudes and stupendous changes. On this historical point, we have growing conviction with our faith and we are still willing to strive for our faith. We will take the baton and bring this effort to paying tribute to the one-hundredth birthday of the Party with our achievements of distinction. Holding onto the principle of political construction and centering on education with focus on teachers’ code of morality, we will keep reforming and innovating to motivate and inspire ourselves. And we will seize the day and live it to the full to make an even brighter future for BISTU!

We sincerely wish you all good health and happiness in the New Year!