President’s Message to Graduating Students in 2020: A World Concerned with All of Us

By Fri, 17 Jul 2020 GMT


Beijing, 16th July, 2020 (BISTU)—  


A World Concerned with All of Us 

——Address on graduation ceremony 2020  

Wang Yongsheng  

16th July, 2020  

Dear graduating students, dear faculties and staff, dear parents, dear friends,  

Good morning! 

I have been expecting that I would be able to shift the tassels for graduating students on a grand, impressive graduation ceremony, hug you in group photos, and dream about the future with you. The University has also done quite a lot to prepare for your returning to school. However, coronavirus epidemic has actually made us meet each other in “cloud”. This online ceremony will be a new form of congratulations on your embarking on a new journey of life.  

Online ceremony changes the way we meet each other, not in any way the true love and best wishes from the Alma Mater. Please allow me, on behalf of the University and all faculties, staff and students, to extend the warmest congratulations to 3,185 undergraduates and 457 postgraduates, the most sincere thanks to all faculties and staff who have devoted all their attention to your growth, and the warmest greetings to all parents who have cared about development of the University and spared no efforts to supporting your growth!  

We have seen a rainy, stuffy summer this year. However, our supervisors, mentors, professors, staff, etc., have been busying sorting out your luggage. When I visited the halls with Secretary Wang Chuanliang, we were deeply touched. All faculties and staff are showing their true love in staying together with you on the last mile of your college life and they hope to pack the four years’ of youth and laughter and mail them to you.  

Since last winter holiday, the quiet campuses of BISTU have been missing you for about 200 days and nights. Thanks to network technology and now we are meeting each other in the “cloud”. The graduation ceremony is just one of our fresh experiences of the year. In the past six months, we learn, discuss, defend our dissertation, and meet with each other online…… technological innovation has enabled us to experience this whole-new life. In addition to online education, the fourth science and technology revolution has witnessed in-depth integration between human life and new generation information technology such as cloud computing, internet of things, big data, etc. Seamless connections have been achieved in the field of production and consumption, low-carbon environmental protection, sharing economy, and modern supply chains. And we have seen new social advancement and wealth growth. We could say that the new round of information technology revolution is becoming the engine of social advancement and economic development. In recent years under the leadership of CCP BISTU Committee, we have conformed to the new round of science and technology revolution, managed to meet industrial demand in new generation information technology, smart equipment and devices, artificial intelligence, software, and information service, optimized structure of our programs, highlighted our features in information technology, deepened reform on mode of talent cultivation, and built better learning environment for students. You have lived up to our expectations: you bear in mind “diligence in learning and honor for life”; you try hard in your field of studies; you are brave in facing with difficulties; and you have made tremendous achievements in various competitions such as RobCup Robot Competition, China “Internet Plus” National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, etc. Centered on the goal of “building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology”, the University has made remarkable progresses in talent cultivation, academic research, social service, and cultural transmission and continuity.  

The University changes with each passing day and the time flies by. As if in just a minute, you are leaving the University. Still vivid in my memory are the days when you firstly arrived at BISTU with your dreams and ideals. You have brought youth brilliance to our campuses. Still impressive as ever is your courage and passion in various art, cultural, innovative, and academic activities. We cannot forget your perseverance in attending celebration activities for the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC. And on the moment of a nation combating coronavirus, you, in every corner of the country, actively and bravely contribute to the nation and shoulder your historic missions as a modern youth. All these memories, pictures in life, laughter, or tears, are part of your growth and youth. I am convinced that years later you will truly miss this place where your youth is recorded and you will miss this graduation season when you ponder over life and value, crisis and opportunity, and growth and responsibility. Hereby I would like to share with you the following:  

One, future of you is concerned with all of us. The past six months have been a hard time for quite a few people, particularly for graduating students. I fully understand you are torn, worried and ambivalent while being locked-down at home. If you have found the job you like, please be assured to step onto your path to career. If you are yet to success in job hunting, please actively adjust yourself and look for a job with the best mentality. You will win in the end. After graduation, job-hunting is merely the first challenge you face with. On the way to our goals, each of us will have to experience hardships and barriers. Changes in social roles, stark contrasts between reality and ideal, and the situation of being grinded by mediocrity and sophistication will make us bewildered and distressed. It is true that we will have to walk a stretch of road where is dark and nobody cares. We have to continue walking till we see the light. Kuang Kelan, directly accepted as a doctoral student by Chinese Academy of Science, can still remember the first failure in mathematical modeling competition due to lack of experience. You and your team did not give but explore once and again and finally you have made it! You have been honored with the first prize of Beijing Municipality. I firmly hold that you, being firm and indomitable, will be a quality researcher in the future. The late professor Zhang Fuxue had also experienced a rough and rugged way of research. As a young man, he stayed in remote mountains and conducted hundreds of experiments only to be met with hundreds of failures. He spent five years and finally completed the project Miniaturization of Missile Gyroscope. He had never stopped in academic research and make substantial contributions to national defense science and technology. He had become a major pioneer of piezoelectrics. There is no smooth way to science. Only those who persevere can reach the top. So is our life: what you can achieve depends on your will and belief but not your words. Being frustrated and drifting along when countering difficulties will make you stop and waste your life. When you are fear of no difficulties you will make it in life. I sincerely hope that each of you in the future will stand firmly on the ground, train yourselves with hardships in the times, fear no barriers and difficulties, and learn to convert life frustration into unique life inspiration and momentum of advancement. I am convinced that your future life will be a promising one! 

Two, the future of our nation is concerned with all of us. The coronavirus epidemic has offered an opportunity to witness the courage of the Party and our nation in shouldering responsibility as well as the vitality of Chinese nation. Medical staff on the frontline of combating the coronavirus, the delivery men who have run the risk of being affected to serve the convenience of our life, the loving people who have donated vegetables and materials…… they are just ordinary people but they love the country deeply. It is the fundamental reason that we could rapidly contain the epidemic. It is also the secret that the Chinese nation can survive and develop for thousands of years. I feel very proud that BISTU students have shown their courage in shouldering responsibility as young people of the new era. Two interesting video clips made by Xu Yunxiu using visual programing, i.e., simulation of virus spread on campus and why government shall give coupons instead of cash after the epidemic, have attracted over 100 million clicks and have been republished by a number of official media such as CCTV. Gao Qianhan and Zheng Haobin have followed the calls of the University to have actively organized a series of activities “cheering for Wuhan”. They have participated volunteering activities to donate materials and money to frontline of the epidemic. To combat and contain the coronavirus epidemic, you are all shouldering our responsibilities and doing your best. Being patriotic, responsible students at BISTU, your wonderful, perfect performance have shown the world that post-90s and post-00s are reliable and responsible! Furthermore, I am also happy to see an increasing number of graduating students choosing to develop themselves in the course of developing our nation: they find jobs in national defense enterprises, key industries, western part of China, and poverty-stricken areas. Here I shall applause for your choices. And I would like to quote a sentence that “your China is where you stand; China is what you are; China will not be in the dark if you have the light in hand”. As the new generation growing up in opening up and reform and living in a context of the times of diversity and inclusiveness, you have a broader vision, mature mind, and higher starting point. The course where you invest your effort is the future of our country and nation. It is expected that you will keep a beginner’s mind after leaving the campus. As instructed by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the letter to China University of Petroleum- Beijing at Karamay on 7th July 2020, young people shall be ambitious and earnest and fear no difficulties or barriers. They shall be courageous in shouldering responsibilities of the times and integrate individual goals and ideals with the course of the Party and the country so as to contribute more to the Party, the motherland, and the people. Life achievements of young people shall be inscribed on the vast land of our country. You will achieve more steadily in your life and the future of the Party and the nation will be a better one owing to your contribution.  

And three, the future of humankind is concerned with all of us. As I just said, artificial intelligence, the revolutionary technology, has now been able to replace human beings in a number of areas and is quietly remolding and reshaping industrial structure and competition among states. However, please bear in mind that artificial intelligence cannot complete replace human beings in that we have love and feelings. The coronavirus have shown us agony and death and made us experience what it is like when routine of life is completely disturbed. We shall hold in awe and veneration towards life and love. We shall help each other in a shared destiny. Gao Baolin of School of Information Management has organized a donation of clothes: over 2000 clothes have brought warmth to all children at Xiaopo Primary School in Baiya Town of Guyuan, Ningxia Province. Xia Yucong of School of Electromechanical Engineering has actively participated in social practice and has conducted in-depth survey at welfare house in Handan, Hebei Province to call for care of these orphans. As the President, I want to thank you for your care of and attention to the disadvantaged groups. On behalf of BISTU, you have sent your love and shown your benevolence. You have re-shone a number of miserable lives. General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that human beings are a shared community and that various risks and challenges could be coped with and responded to only when the world unites together. In the time of globalization, “misery faraway”, just like coronavirus epidemic, is related to us. No one is entire of itself and no country is immune. I sincerely hope that in the future you would be more caring and benevolent wherever you are or whatever you do. You are to have broader vision of life and you are to think, observe, communicate, and innovate this world. You will think more about global governance, public crisis, class chasm, and economic inequality. One day, you will have enough wisdom to sort out global problems and to ease human miseries. You will use your generous heart and virtues to promote modernization and development of human civilization.  

Dear graduating students, now it is the time to pack your luggage and say goodbye to your campuses. Please remember what Lu Xun had said when he was sick: the unforeseeable future and the uncountable people are all related to me. You are at life’s full flowering. You are to shoulder responsibilities of the world and harbor kindness in your heart towards others. Keep the passion and ideal in your mind and bravely embark on your new journey of life. You are welcome back to the Alma Mater any time after the epidemic. By then we could share our experiences and imagine our future. I hereby extend my sincere wishes to you that you will enjoy a happy, bright, promising future and that our nation, our society, and the world will be a better place! 

Thank you all!