Message to Graduating Students in 2020

By Tue, 07 Jul 2020 GMT

Beijing, 7th July, 2020 (BISTU)— Time flies and now a graduation season comes to us! Affected by COVID-19, graduation season this year differs from those in previous years: we cannot meet each other in the beautiful campuses of BISTU, say goodbye face to face, or enjoy the tassel shifting and congratulations. Mountains and seas are separating us and our beloved ones. However, our love can carry us over these mountains and seas. Schools now send messages to all graduating students and extend the best wishes to you. Remember to come back home whenever you want to! 

Dear all graduating students of School of Electromechanical Engineering, 

The year 2020 for all of us, especially graduating students as you are, is destined to be an unusual one. In the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, each of you have witnessed, participated and contributed to the combat against the virus. It is heartfelt, unforgettable, and invaluable experience.  

At the moment, looking back into the four years of undergraduate studies or three years of postgraduate life, you may have enjoyed successes, or tasted the bitterness of failures. However, from the day of graduation, all those have been the past and memories of your life. They remain as the drive for you to march forward.  

During the period of staying with BISTU, you have witnessed and contributed to rapid development of the University: mechanical engineering is selected as a high grade, precision and advanced discipline of Beijing and mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is listed in the first cohort of national first-rate undergraduate programs and key programs of universities in Beijing; teaching and research strengths of the School is rapidly growing; our faculty of mechanical engineering is credited as one of the models of National High Quality Professional Innovative Team (Huang Danian-type Faculty Team); and the innovation team “smart surveillance and informatization of electromechanical equipment” is honored as a high level innovation team of Beijing. You have also witnessed that our Class Industrial Design 1601 is honored with First Prize of the University in diligence and honor; Class Robotics 1701 is granted the honor of Model Collective of Beijing Municipality; and our students and faculties work together to successfully accomplished the mission in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC. In the past half year, you cannot return to the University due to the epidemic. However, you have made your contributions in all aspects.  

At the moment when you are embarking on the new journey, we would like to share with you the following:  

We hope that you could hold onto life learning and set up the grand goal of working for advancement of the society, our nation and humankind. You individual destiny and growth shall be integrated with future of our nation and missions of the times. We hope that you will keep acute mind, keep thinking and observing, and keep transcending yourselves. We hope that you could keep sunshine mentality and fill yourselves with positive energy so that you will be self-confident and have good virtues all through life. And we hope that you feel grateful for what you have obtained and be honest to both yourselves and others.  

General Secretary Xi Jinping has said that “Now is the time for you to make the most of your youth; and the future is a time for you to look back on it. I believe that life is meaningless for anyone without faith, without dreams, without concerted endeavors and without contributions.” Now it is the time for you to realize your dreams in the course of realization of the Chinese dream.  

Whenever the roc flies into the sky, thousands of kilometers will be passed by. We sincerely wish you every success and a brighter tomorrow! The School is always your home and you are welcome whenever you come back.  


Dear graduating students of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering,  

The sudden attack of the coronavirus epidemic has stopped the face-to-face interaction between students and faculties. However, it brings along the opportunity for us to know that our students are resilient and responsible. Meeting with and parting from each other are just formalities and the greatest job would never be different because of different formalities. We genuinely feel happy for your successful graduation.  

Soon, you will farewell to the campuses where you have worked hard and built up your dreams and where you have worked and studied closely with teachers and peer students. It is hope that you would hold fast to your dreams, stand on solid ground, and walk to your future firmly and steadily! And you will become the strongest young wave of our times! 


Dear graduating students of School of Automation,  

Graduation season of 2020 differs from all previous ones. There is no farewell on the playing field, in the classrooms, in the labs, or in the halls. However, this graduation season is the period when we are together to combat COVID-19 and when we together complete various missions through online learning. We defend our dissertation online, we work our problems on line, we receive interview online, and we grow online.  

The epidemic has changed each of us, not only our way of learning but also our way of learning. It brings changes to means of production, firms, society, and the whole world. It also brings along new opportunities. Dear students, facing with development and constant changes in the future, we shall aim at becoming pillars of the society. It is hoped that you will be engaged, as soon as possible, in the course of high quality development of national economy and make your contributions to our nation with your knowledge, innovative spirit, and professional skills.  

It is hoped that you will not be feared by difficulties, you will work hard, you will become a man of integrity, and you will enjoy your life!  


Cao Jinhong, Secretary of CCP School Commission  

The year 2020 is an extraordinary one. The coronavirus epidemic suddenly attacked us at the beginning of the year. Facing with the epidemic, you have shown your comprehensive qualities as college students of our times. General Secretary Xi Jinping has said that “Now is the time for you to make the most of your youth; and the future is a time for you to look back on it.” It is hoped that you will remember this experience, strive for your future, and enjoy the beauty of your life.  

The year 2020 is the final year for us to build a moderately prosperous society and to complete the 13th Five-Year Plan as well as a crucial year for poverty alleviation. General Secretary Xi Jinping has said that China is now on the best time of development and that the world is in a new century of changes. As the young generation, you are the most vibrant, creative group and you shall take the frontiers of innovation. You are now saying goodbye to the university and walking onto a broader stage. We are lucky to have spent the past four years with you. We share a number of moments of happiness. We are attached to each other. You are strong in both mind and body, though there were many hardships that we have been through together. As Dean of the School, I feel immensely proud of you!  

Dear students, the special graduation season of 2020 should have made you ponder over friends and relatives, life and destiny, responsibilities and courage. Empty talk is harmful to the nation, while doing practical work will make it thrive. You will make your future a bright one only when your life ideal is embedded in the course of our nation. It is hoped that you will fear no difficulties and barriers in the future and will always hold the motto of “diligence in learning and honor for life”. You would be committed to development of our nation, you will be dedicated to whatever you like, and you will overcome any potential difficulties ahead. In the course of achieve the two centenary goals, you are to make your contributions and build a prosperous, democratic, civilized, and harmonious modern socialist country! I sincerely hope that you will keep a beginner’s mind in that success only comes through hard work!  


Su Zhong, Dean of School of Automation 

Dear graduating students of School of Communication Engineering,  

Congratulations to you for completion of studies and embarking on a new journey of life! 

We believe that you have your expectations of future life. When you are leaving BISTU, some questions might turn up: how shall I live through my future? How shall I make a planning for my life? There are no two identical leaves on the earth. And hence future lives of you will differ from each other, each carrying its own glamour. While you are looking to the future, we are expecting that…  

You will bear the university motto and school motto in mind and make further progresses. 

You have obtained the competence of learning. But the glorious past is just past. On the journey to future, all of you are on the same starting line. It is the best time to start sailing. Facing with the new environment and new platforms, you shall take the initiative. Please bear in mind “diligence in learning and honor for life”. It is hoped that you will learn how to work, how to accumulate knowledge, how to build up experiences, how to tolerate others, and how to be good to yourselves.  

You will constantly be creative, courageous, and progressive.  

You now almost cannot wait to face with your future. The School has offered you quite a few opportunities: competition for freshmen in innovation, graduation design, Fresh Star Cup, Challenge Cup, Project of Science and Technology Innovation for College Students, and various subject competitions. You might have been granted university-level honors, or even provincial-level or state-level honors. You have laid solid foundation for your innovative competences. It is hoped that you in the future will still be progressive, innovative and courageous.  

You will keep working hard and forging ahead while standing on a solid ground.  

The skills and knowledge you have obtained in the university have laid solid foundation for you and have prepared you for your future development. However, future achievements will not be made until you can work without bluster and ostentation. You might encounter a number of difficulties, please remember “diligence redeems stupidity”. Your investment of time and energy will finally help you overcome all difficulties. You might be able to make some achievements earlier than others. Please keep working in that there are always people who are more diligent. They believe that no pains no gains. When you truly endeavor to make achievements, you will find that your dreams are so close.  

You will not fail the expectation of your youth and will make due contributions to our nation. 

The spirit of a time is represented by the youth; the character of a time is represented by the youth. You are representatives of the youth of our nation. Currently, the whole country is contributing to the rejuvenation of great Chinese nation. As young people, you are the future and hope. In favorable circumstance or adversities, our country is always in need of the strengths of the youth. We hope that you will live up to your wonderful youth, shoulder your responsibilities, and accomplish your missions! 

In the past four years, our faculties have spared no efforts to propagate the doctrine, impart professional knowledge, and resolve doubts. The sound learning environment of the University has enabled you to explore the unknown and novelty of the world together with teachers, senior students, and peer students and you have made academic progresses. You have access to a wide spectrum of campus cultural activities, where you show your strengths and invest your efforts and where you have harvested happiness, warmth, friendship, and love.  

Please forge ahead in the future with your dreams, your youth, your enthusiasm, and your courage! 

Dear students, please make a plan for your future life, starting from now and here. Someday in the future, when you look back to the hours of the four years in college, you will see a period of life full of gains, happiness, joy, and warmth!  

Please remember that you are always welcome back home!  

Wish you every success! 


Dear graduating students of School of Computer Science,  

We can see your shining faces and youth every minute now, though we haven’t met each other for the entire semester; 

You have made wonderful answers in examinations of life, though there is no invigilation in our final exams of the semester; 

The graduation photo in your mind will be more beautiful than your imagination, though there is no graduation ceremony this year; 

Our care and solicitude will be with you wherever you are, though we have not hugged for goodbye; 

It is hoped that you will find where you are most needed; 

It is hoped that you will keep studying and make further progresses; 

It is hoped that you will be courageous when facing with challenges, and optimistic when facing with frustrations; 

It is hoped that you will balance between work and leisure and keep good health; and you will build a happy family and glamorous life. 

We hereby extend our best wishes to you. And we look forward to meeting you at you home--- BISTU!  


Dear graduating students of School of Economics and Management, 

You entered the campus together with the sunshine in September 2016. In just a blink of eyes, over 1,400 days have been passed by. You have been learning skills, accumulating knowledge, challenging yourselves, and making breakthroughs. Now you are to graduate and to embark on a new journey in life. On behalf of the School, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to you and sincere thanks to faculties and parents.  

The unexpected coronavirus epidemic has made you a special graduation season: you cannot attend the on-the-spot graduation ceremony; you cannot say goodbye to faculties and peer students whom you have been so close with; and you cannot farewell to the beautiful campuses. However, a life with regrets will be one that we will truly live. And here comes our promise: in future years, you can choose to attend any on-the-spot graduation ceremony at your convenience in any year; and the School will take group photos for you whenever you have gathered a class to come back to the campuses.  

At this moment, we are reluctant to part. The School hopes that you will bear in mind “diligence in learning and honor for life”, you will keep working and learning, and you will be a brave new generation chosen by our times! Dear students, we keep smiling while days pass by and we look forward to the bright future. We will meet again! Hasta la Vista!  


Dear graduating students of School of Information Management,   

On the historical junction of realizing the two centenary goals, it is hoped that students would bear in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s words to young generation and closely connect individual future with the Chinese dream of rejuvenation of great Chinese nation. Young people shall follow the tide of our times and care for the whole world! 

Attack of the epidemic has separated us from each other. However, it also makes us thankful to our life and respect life. We are more than ever aware of the preciousness of life. The four years have passed by. We are thankful to you for your accompany. The moment of farewell is the start of future happiness. We wish that you bear in mind “diligence in learning and honor for life”, cherish your youth, shoulder your responsibilities, and contribute to our nation! We hope that you will come back home often, for the School is always your home!  


Dear graduating students of School of Marxism,  

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we cannot meet each other on the graduation season and we all miss you very much. The quiet campuses miss young, energetic students and their laughter of happiness. The spring blossoms have fallen to the ground and only cicada chirping could be heard on campuses. At the moment of saying goodbye, we have a lot to share with you.  

Please remember this special year. The year 2020 is destined to leave you a special impression. These days will be particular experiences of your life. No sweet without sweat. And you will know more about life with such experiences.  

Please hold fast to your dreams. When you start working, the society will become another university for you. You have succeeded in learning and you will succeed in working. Anyway, never lose your dreams, for dreams will lead us to hope.  

Please be a doer. Realization of any dream depends on hard working. Standing on the solid ground, you are to become a doer and make your youth shine in contributing to the nation and then you will have no regrets in your life.  

Please keep learning. Learning is a life long course. Learning also requires efforts and perspiration. I hope that you will be self-disciplined, diligent, and self-restraint and try your best to become an ambitious man with integrity and faith.  

The path of life is a long one. We are convinced that you will make it and you will make your life shine.  

BISTU is always your home and you are always welcome back home!  


Ye Chao, Secretary of CCP School Commission 

Dear students, without face-to-face goodbye, we would like to share with you some thoughts on the cloud.  

First of all, our sincere congratulations are extended to you for successfully completion of your studies. You are embarking on a new journey to face with fresh challenges, or maybe unexpected adversities. It is hoped that you will sharpen, harden, and hone yourselves in adversities. You will hold onto your belief with strong willpower. And you will be outstanding in profession skills! It is hoped that you will make the right choice when facing with fame, wealth, and true value of life. You will integrate yourselves into the nation and take the responsibilities of national development and rejuvenation of our nation.  

Dear students, we are firmly convinced that the learning and life at BISTU will serve as the sails for you in the future and that BISTU is your unforgettable home! May our blessings be with you forever!  


Zhang Jian, Dean of School of Marxism  

Dear all graduating students of School of Media and Public Administration,

University is where you finally complete your studies as a student and where you start a new life. When you leave the campuses and embark on a new journey of life, it is hoped that you could still bear in mind the university motto “diligence in learning and honor for life”. You could still bear in mind the school motto “diligence and endeavor, tradition and innovation”. You should still be self-disciplined when everything is going smoothly. You shall still be courageous and confident when encountering barriers and failures. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you shall care deeply about the nation and the country and shall never change your values whether in favorable circumstances or in adversity.  

Four years ago, you entered the university. From that moment onwards, your growth and your future have been closely connected with the alma mater. We share weal and woe and we are inseparable. Your growth is the achievement of BISTU and your future is the hope of BISTU. You have been staying and growing at BISTU and now you are leaving the University. The alma mater cheers for you. And you will contribute to the nation in all kinds of industries and will become mainstays of our society. The alma mater is so proud of you! It is hoped that you remember the love and expectation of the University and are ready to shoulder responsibilities of the times! We now send our most sincere wishes to you and wish you health and happiness!  


Dear all graduating students of School of Foreign Studies, 

Hope this message finds you well. The coronavirus is gradually being controlled and the summer has come to us. We are saying goodbye before we could meet each other for this semester. Still vivid in our memories is the moment when you firstly arrived at BISTU four years ago from all parts of China. You were young, but optimistic and confident.  

The past four years have witnessed your silhouette in early mornings on the paths beside the teaching building, your fluent, standard English dubbing on the stage, and your translation homework in the pigeon hole of the Department. Each letter represents your youth and is deeply carved on the coordinates of the times and BISTU and it will be integrated in growth of future students.  

The early half of 2020 has shown us too many surprises and shocks--- COVID-19, flood, etc. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were still happily cleaning tables and chairs and anxiously waiting for you to come back home. However, the green lawn in front of the teaching building is finally disappointed at not being able to saying hi again to you and not being able to appreciating you with your baccalaureate gowns. Life is full of changes and adversities. Anyway, we will get to the destination with diligence, however long the road is. We will be on the peak with diligence, however tall the mountain is. In the past four years, you have cultivated the habit of “being diligent, honesty, realistic” and you are walking steadily towards the goal of “erudite in foreign studies and adept at Chinese studies”. Predicaments of this year are nothing but another valuable experience in your life. Never waste a good crisis, as is told by Winston Churchill. Online learning has made you more self-disciplined, though you missed the on-campus learning. You missed the ceremony of tassel shifting with your baccalaureate gowns, however, you enjoyed the very particular cloud graduation ceremony together with the best wished paced and posted to you by our faculties. The epidemic is a crisis as well as an opportunity. It is hoped that you will convert the life experiences of this epidemic into the source of endless drive to overcome difficulties and barriers in the future. We are convinced that you will finally win and have a promising future.  

We hope that you remember your goals and your nation, you are always passionate with your integrity, and that you are always carrying critical thinking and love so as to face future difficulties and crisis. We have the principle of “Inspire” and the feature of information technology. We are diligent and honesty. And we will constantly perfect ourselves. BISTU School of Foreign Studies is for ever here for you as a lovely harbor of warmth!  


Dear graduating students of School of Applied Sciences,  

We sincerely wish that you will take the precious opportunities of our times, be brave in working for your own future, and show your wings of strength to the world!  


Han Guang, Secretary of CCP Commission of the School  

Your dream starts from here 

Just like your ship hoists the sails here; 

You have entered the society now, 

And you will be pillars of our society! 

Our best wishes are always with you 

When you are pursuing dreams of your life; 

Diligence in learning and honor for life, 

Will be the best help for your course of rejuvenation of great Chinese nation.  


Xie Ruifeng, Dean of the School  

Dear graduating students of School of International Education,  

First of all, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to you for successful completion of your studies in the summer of 2020! 

The year 2020, a year which is destined to be remembered by mankind, will be the eternal memory of your graduating season. This year witnesses global joint efforts in combating COVID-19. As international students, you would be able to fully understand the meaning of a shared community for mankind in that you are contributing to your own countries while cheering for China and the world. We share the same wind and moon, though we are geographically different. As citizens of the global village, we unite closely together to combat the coronavirus for our share community. We will forever remember our friendship. This semester sees you working hard and actively while overcoming the inconveniences brought along by different time zones. Online learning and cloud learning have helped us greatly in successful completion of our studies, which shows the particular technology strength of BISTU. I am deeply convinced that this special experience of learning will not only enhance the true value of your certificates but also become an unforgettable memory of your life!  

Graduation is farewell to the past and the starting point of a new life. You will be in every corner of the world making contributions to the wellbeing of humankind. The School of International Education sincerely wishes you a promising future! We sincerely hope that the friendly tie between us will be expanded to the relationship between your countries and China. We sincerely hope that we will jointly work to build a better future for the world so that human beings will enjoy a healthy and prosperous life! Of course there might be adversities. No matter what happens, we would like to let you know that: 

BISTU is always your home away from home! 

School of International Education is always your home away from home! 

And you are always welcome back home!