Graduation and Commemoration of Youth|Four Years for You Only

By Tue, 30 Jun 2020 GMT


Beijing, 30th June, 2020 (BISTU)    


From Sep 2016 to July 2020 and from meeting each other to saying goodbye to each other, all the experiences and stories here are about you.   

The beginning of our stories  

Is the directive of our dreams and the call of serendipity.  

The summer holiday four years ago saw  

That you choose BISTU  

And BISTU also chooses you from a number of applicants.  

And then we embark on a four-year journey.  

The four years fly in a split second. 

Diligence has led to achievements. 

Looking back at the moment of saying goodbye,  

We recall various experiences, all of which are happy memories  

And all of which are our youth.  

Please board on this time machine  

And follow us to those most cherished memories. 

September of 2016, the heady fragrance of laurel blossoms wafted through the fresh air and you stepped into the campuses of BISTU. 

Since then, you have found  

A home away from home at BISTU 

With love of your parents at home  

You are a bit confused, but you are yearning for something  

in the college life here.  



The opening ceremony, the ceremony for starting our college life 

“Learn to learn and achieve the best as we can” 

Said the President 

Farewell to your past, whether it is regret or success 

It is the time now to make a promise for the coming four years 

It is the place where you begin your journey 

It is a whole-new point of start 


Still vivid in our memories is the shining afternoon 

When associations and societies of the University 

Recruit new members 

You admire those senior students 

And you have made up your mind to give it a try 

After all 

College life shall be a colorful one.  

You are dressed up 

For events of the associations and societies 

Young and vigorous 

You have learned to shoulder responsibilities  

And you have been determined to  

Make it better.  


New members of Concert Band 

Shine in the welcome concert for fresh students 

It is their first trip  

To a music stage in the college  


“Meet you here at BISTU” 

You enjoy yourselves on the talent show for freshmen 

The best time of life 

Shall be the time to celebrate our youth 

Spring blossoms in April witness  

Your participation in the first sports game at college 

Your spurt after the starting gun 

And your slam-dunk in front of the backboard 

Are vitality and masculinity of youth.  

Military training comes in summer to test your efforts and will 

And you successfully passed the test. 

As Heaven's movement is ever vigorous, 

So must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along. 

Yes, that is what you will tell yourselves.  

One competition after another 

One stage after another 

From 2016 to 2019 

You have witnessed and attended 

Four successive Robot Competitions 

In the competitions and contests of all subjects  

You have developed your own interest 

Found your own weaknesses  

Made constant progresses 

And made many friends  

Who cherish the same ideals and follow the same path 



You are found in various volunteer activities 

And in the mass pageantry of celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China. 

You grow up and you contribute to the nation 

During the best of your years 

Which leaves the most vivid, impressive memories.  






At the moment 

You miss classmates, schoolmates, teachers 

And dinner ladies in canteens. 

You miss the home-style dishes  

About which you often complain. 

You want to say thank you to  

Halls management and university clinic  

And you want to shake hands with entrance and security guards 

And you miss the smiles on these faces. 

Their love and care  

Are now everywhere.  



Four years’ company, four years’ love and care 

24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week 

They are with you during the whole college life.  

It is hard to just say goodbye 

And they want to let you know  

That it is better to keep a beginners’ mind.  

There is a long time ahead.  

And they sincerely wish that  

You will be still what you are now 

After the hardships and dangers.  

The COVID-19 epidemic attacks us in a sudden 

We have a different graduation season this year 

The bye-bye we said to each other in winter holiday  

Has been repeated this summer online.  

The whole university, faculties, staff, students 

Are united to combat the coronavirus.  

You have experienced the lockdown 

Searching job vacancies online 

And defending your dissertation online. 

In this whole-new attempt, 

With your infinite love of the nation,  

You have applied what you have learned to practice. 

There is no regret: it is invaluable experience for every one; 

There is no difficulty: the momentum in adversity is the drive for future.  



From 2017 to 2019 

You have witnessed graduation certificates and degrees conferred and granted by Secretary of CPC BISTU Committee and BISTU President 

You have seen tassel shifting by them 

When it is your graduation and tassel shifting 

You feel like you are not well prepared. 


Due to the epidemic, experiences in the past half year are mostly related to “cloud” 

We are waiting for a cloud graduation ceremony 

We will cherish this “cloud group photo” 

We know each other at the beginning of an autumn 

And we part in the middle of a summer 

It is the best part of our memories  

That we share the same time of growth. 

It is not a goodbye in a hurry  

In that 

You will make still further progresses 

And for us it is a small world.  





The four years are not long for us and are like a dream 

The four years are a long time  

Which see your metamorphosis.  

This commemoration of youth is make for you 

Before you embark on your journey. 

We sincerely wish that  

You march forward with our love  

And that 

You will always love life 

And race to the future with confidence and courage.