BISTU Stay Together with All Students Abroad

By Thu, 02 Apr 2020 GMT

Beijing, 2nd April, 2020 (BISTU)— Phased victory has been achieved in combating the coronavirus epidemic in China. However, other parts of the world are still seeing spread of the epidemic which has infected more around 200 countries and regions. The University attaches great importance to safety and security of each student currently staying abroad and has managed to send protection materials to them.  



Preparing protection materials for students currently staying abroad  

The University’s support and care arrive at the students in the first place to show our concern about their safety and security, though we are a thousand miles apart from each other. With spread of the epidemic, a number of countries have announced lock-down around the nation and there comes the shortage of medical resources and protection materials. In some countries facial masks become very hard to get. The University aims at protecting safety and security of all students currently staying abroad as much as possible and overcomes the difficulties of shortage in protection materials. In the first place, over 2,000 facial masks are sent to 60-odd BISTU students abroad.  


Supervisors and mentors are posting facial masks  

A letter from home shows our deepest love and care for BISTU students abroad. To cheer up BISTU students currently staying abroad and express our solicitude and love, Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng write to them. In A Letter to All BISTU Student Currently Staying Abroad, Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng say that it is very necessary to follow scientific rules in protecting themselves, pay close attention to news and information about the epidemic, and try to avoid long-distance travel so as to reduce the risk of being infected. Meanwhile, they suggest that students be rational and reasonable in facing with the epidemic and make sound arrangements for their studies. Whatever happens, BISTU remains the most solid backup support for all students, said Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng in the letter. During this special period of epidemic containment, the University is always concerned about students’ health, life and learning and will try our best to provide as much support as possible.  



Students show their gratitude after receiving protection materials posted by BISTU  

BISTU student abroad are deeply touched with care and love from the University and send messages back to express their gratitude. Zhou Han from School of Information and Communication Engineering says that “the rage of coronavirus epidemic abroad, together with some unfriendly messages online targeting at Chinese students abroad, makes our living environment a bit depressing. However, parcels of protection posted by BISTU bring us warmth and love. We are loved and cared by the University and our dearest teachers at home, though we are thousands of miles apart. Thank you so much for your care and we will make sure to be safe. We will not fall short of expectation of the University and of the nation.” 

All BISTU students currently staying abroad, your health is the greatest concern of the University and your safety is the greatest wish of the University. Let us work closely together to fight against the coronavirus epidemic and overcome the current difficulties. Please bear in mind that BISTU is always your most solid backup, though we are thousands of miles apart from each other!  

Sunshine will shower us after the heavy storm. The globe will soon again be a peaceful and nice world for us. By then we will embrace each other at BISTU!