Global Care of BISTU in Combating Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

By Thu, 26 Mar 2020 GMT

Beijing, 26th March, 2020 (BISTU)— The world now is facing with a severe situation of spread of novel coronavirus. All BISTU students, faculties and staff are deeply concerned about safety and health of BISTU students and faculties abroad. The University has strengthened psychological counseling and paid humanistic care to each student and faculty abroad while effectively combating the epidemic of novel coronavirus. 


Categorized management: the University has in the first place learned and implemented the spirit of Beijing Municipality on containing imported novel coronavirus and perfected the system for emergency contacts. All BISTU students, faculties and staff abroad are categorized into four types, i.e., international faculties, international students, Chinese faculties abroad, and Chinese students abroad. Information about their health and spread of the epidemic in their respective countries is collected. Then the University establishes Wechat groups for students in the USA, Japan, Sweden, Australia and Ireland. Notices on containment of the epidemic are sent to all 106 international students in Chinese, English and Russian. All anomalies are reported in the first place. We have also made regulations regarding faculties abroad coming back. All international students who are currently not staying at BISTU are required to inform the University of their health condition on daily basis and those who are staying with BISTU are also registered with governmental portal. Close-end management is conducted on international students’ halls and strict procedure of approval is also applied to all international students. 



(Words in two pictures: Thank you for your care, my dear teachers. Be strong, China! The left picture is a Kazakhstan student and the right is a Russian student.) 

Care and love from School of International Education. Tutors and supervisors contact their students every day, inform them of the latest policies and regulation on returning to Beijing, explain relating laws and individual responsibilities, and advise them to stay at home as much as possible and cooperate with quarantine measures of local governments. We fully utilize new media platforms to popularize knowledge about novel coronavirus and suggestions on how to effectively contain the spread of the epidemic so as to easy their panic and worries. Careful arrangements are also provided with students who stay off-campus in other cities than Beijing. Great attention has been paid to international students’ halls, regular disinfection, preparations for facial masks, measuring daily body temperature, and establishment of check-in system for the halls. Necessary medical service is also ready for all international students. The School has arranged tutors to collectively buy food and articles for daily use for international students. 


Classroom on the air. With regard to delayed opening of the new semester, the School has made timely response to adjust teaching arrangement for the spring semester for international students. A Letter to all international students on arrangements for delayed opening of the new semester, in three languages, i.e., Chinese, English, and Russian, is sent to each student. User instructions of all online teaching platforms are translated for the convenience of students. Learning schedules and timetable are also prepared for students to help them learn during the quarantine period. The face-to-face learning model now turns into a screen-to-screen model and both quality and progress of learning and teaching has been effectively guaranteed during the period of containing novel coronavirus. Learning resources such as Chinese learning and HSK examination are carefully prepared for students. With help and support from the School, it can be predicted that international students would achieve their semester learning goals at the end of this semester.