Common Solicitude Home and Abroad

By Thu, 12 Mar 2020 GMT


Beijing, 8th March, 2020 (BISTU)— As the epidemic of novel coronavirus spreads globally, BISTU is deeply concerned about safety and health of all students staying abroad. And BISTU student abroad also care deeply about the University and send their best wishes to BISTU and China.  



BISTU President Wang Yongsheng writes to all global partner institutions to express thanks for their dedication and devotion to epidemic control. Wang Yongsheng points out that the epidemic of novel coronavirus is a common challenge with which human kind faces. It requests coordination of all countries of the world. It is hoped that we keep each other updated, exchange our good practices, and share in weal and woe to protect the whole world.  

Department of International Cooperation in the first place conducts investigation on information of all overseas BISTU students and sets up WeChat groups to send greetings of the University, remind them to take precautions, pay close attention to development of the epidemic in various countries, and keep close contacts with BISTU faculties and staff.   


BISTU overseas students also send messages saying that they are all well and show their concerns about the University and China in various ways.   


(Message in the Picture) We have been in Sweden for half a year and gradually accustomed to life and learning here. Recent days have witnessed that the epidemic grows increasingly severe. We are grateful that BISTU faculties and staff care so much about our health and safety. We are not in China but we are concerned about our motherland, ur families, and friends every minute. The past two months have seen the great efforts of the whole China in combating the epidemic. Exemplifying professional dedication, all medical workers are saving and protecting lives around the clock despite the risk of infection and exhaustion from overwork. We are very happy to see that a number of Chinese cities now have zero growth in confirmed cases. And we are deeply convinced that the victory is coming to us! Be strong, China!  

--- Message from Wang Haoqiang, Gao Jianxin, He Muheng, and Qi Wen, four BISTU students (School of Automation) who are currently studying with Mid-Sweden University.  

Han Xiaopeng, a BISTU students (School of Information & Communication Engineering) now studying with James Cook University in Australia sends his best wishes.  


Best wishes and greetings are also received from Zeng Qingli (a student of School of Automation currently studying with University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA), Cai Zhi (a student of School of Electromechanical Engineering currently studying with University of Fukui in Japan), and Liu Guanyu (a student of School of Economics and Management currently studying with University of California Riverside).  

We are sharing common solicitude home and abroad. We would for sure win the battle against the epidemic so long as we unite and fight together!