BISTU International Students Cheer for Battle Against the Epidemic

By Mon, 09 Mar 2020 GMT




Beijing, 8th March, 2020 (BISTU)— Sudden attack of the epidemic now sees the common solicitude of all Chinese people as well as all international students of BISTU. They are deeply convinced that China will win the battle against COVID-19 and are sending messages and blessings from all around the world. 



To contain the epidemic, BISTU International School has conducted quarantine control on international students’ halls in Jianxiangqiao Campus. Tutors and mentors of the School establish links with supermarkets nearby and daily supplies are delivered to the halls twice a week. Students then send messages to express their gratitude towards BISTU. 

ERNIS UULU ERTAIKyrgyzstan):I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Dean and faculties and staff of the Halls for your kind care of our mental and physical wellbeing, securing our daily supplies, the twice-a-week supermarket purchase, and measuring our body temperature twice a day. You have done so much for us! I wish the epidemic be contained ASAP and wish everyone good health! Be strong, BISTU School of International Education! Be strong,  BISTU! Be strong, Beijing, Wuhan and China!   

KHALIMOV FAYYOZUzbekistan):My gratitude to all faculties of the School for their generous support with our lives in the epidemic and for the face masks and everyday necessities supplied with us! I sincerely wish the epidemic would be controlled! Be strong, China!  

KARAPINAR KERIM Turkey):I am now learning with BISTU, which is a lucky choice of mine. Thank you very much for your thoughtful consideration and care! Be strong, Wuhan! Be strong, China! 

MBAYI MBAYI JULIEN CESAR Congo-Brazzaville):On this moment of challenges, I will have to express my deep gratitude towards all of you! My deepest gratitude to BISTU and all faculties and staff of the Halls for their care! It greatly helps me in being happy and healthy everyday! I also would like to pay respect to all who are now working diligently in the battle against the epidemic! It is their bravery and selfless contribution that keeps the whole society running! I am fully convinced that we will win the battle! Be strong, my School! Be strong, BISTU! Be strong, China! CHIBAYA GLOMNAVETE MAKANAKAZimbabwe):We often are encountered with difficulties in life. However, the sky will eventually be clear! We shall be patient and shall hold fast to our dreams. There would be a more beautiful day after the storm. 

The School has sent via express delivery the face masks to international students living off campus, which is really considerate! 


(Hi Professor, my body’s temperature today is 36.6. Face masks sent by BISTU have been received. Thank you very much!) 
After beginning of the semester, international students offer active responses to the University arrangement “keep learning during the epidemic” and quickly adapt themselves to online learning. They now keep very active contacts with all faculties via online learning tools.  



Our mountains are located in different regions but we share the same cloud and rain. The shining moon above us has never been different in either places! With firm collaboration and support of international students, epidemic containment at BISTU has achieved phased success! We are now working closely together to fight against novel coronavirus! We firmly hold that the victory will be coming soon and we are expecting the reunion at BISTU in this spring!