New Near Address: Remaining True to our Original Aspiration, Tempering Ourselves, Greeting Triumph in 2020

By Wed, 01 Jan 2020 GMT


Beijing, 31st December, 2019 (BISTU)— Glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn kindle our achievements in the past year when we have been tempering ourselves for greater success. Now we are ushering the New Year of 2020 with expectations. On this moment of New Year’s bell ring, on behalf of BISTU, We would like to extend the most sincere gratitude and best wishes to all students, faculties and staff, alumni home and abroad, parents, and friends of all social circles! 


Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the University has seriously, attentively implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party, the spirit of the second, the third and the fourth plenary session of the 19th National Congress of CPC, and the spirit of national and municipal conferences on education. We give top priority to political construction, uphold the overall leadership of the Party, comprehensively strengthen “construction of five environments”, and spare no efforts to building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology. All students, faculties and staff of the University have been working closely together and we have made a step further on the pathway of facilitating supernormal, big-stride development of BISTU! 

Remaining true to our original aspiration and combing theory with practice. We have progressed effectively in the theme education remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind”. The whole university thoroughly implements key speeches of Secretary General Xi Jinping, lays focus on the theme education, highlights political construction, and strictly follows the path of education with focus on morality. We have successfully integrated the theme education with a number of key issues including patriotism education, education with focus on morality, substantial events and issues of the University, and the spirit of the University.  

All rising together and striving together with good faith. “My motherland and me”, the educational activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China have attracted great attention and have been extensively accepted by students, faculties and staff of the University. Fighting Dauntlessly”--- a part of the mass pageantry performed by 2,370 BISTU students and faculties--- shows a paean for the nation, symbolizing successful completion of our mission on the National Day. Bearing the political missions in mind, all students, faculties and staff honor our commitment of “the highest standard, the strictest requirements, the best of times” to the National Day mass pageantry.  

Many a little makes a mickle. Victory of spatial construction is in sight now. The year 2019 witnesses rapid progress in construction of the New Campus. As of now, about 336 thousand square meters buildings are being built and around 2.4 billion Yuan has been invested. The concerted efforts of the University invested in construction of the New Campus will guarantee completion of construction by 2020. Logistics service on current campuses has been reformed in 2019, aiming at building a university environment with strong cultural awareness.  

A series shining honors come along with advancement of the University and educational environment has constantly been improved. The past year sees successful pass of the ministerial key lab of Photo Electronic Test Technology and Instrument in appraisal conducted by Ministry of Education, two bases of international science and technology cooperation accredited by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, eleven awards in research in philosophy and social sciences of Beijing Municipality and of national level, and five key state-level projects as well as one key project sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China. Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation Science and Technology are successfully included by Beijing Municipality as high-end, excellent, and frontier academic disciplines. Three faculties are honored to be elected respectively as the winner of National Project for Talents, Beijing Scholar, and Young Beijing Scholar. Three of our academic teams are honored as Talent Team of Strategic Science and Technology in Beijing. Faculties with senior professional titles now account for 54.6% of total faculties and 63.8% faculties are Ph.D. holders. The University also has established academic links with five universities in the region covered by the Belt and Road Initiative, such as Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia. New leap has been made in talent introduction, i.e., two of our talent introduction platforms have been accredited as municipal level bases for international science and technology cooperation.  

We strive perseveringly for improvement of learning environment for students while laying focus on morality. The year 2019 witnesses “111 Project” in ideological modules, establishment of Big Data Research Center for Marxist Theory, successful completion of meetings on reform and innovation of ideological education, and successful integration of ideological education in curricular and teaching outline (2020 Version) for undergraduate and diploma students. A number of platforms for moral education have been built, such as graduation ceremony, opening ceremony, the first class at BISTU, and annual award ceremony. We have performed excellently in the return visit to BISTU for undergraduate teaching appraisal. Two of our programs are accepted as first-rate programs on municipal level, i.e., Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, and Communication Engineering. Eight of our programs (textbooks) are evaluated as excellent in municipal evaluation and a number of our faculties and staff are awarded as teams of excellence and teaching management staff of excellence. BISTU students have won over 500 awards of provincial level or higher in 2019. Over 1,300 person/times of BISTU students are honored. And it is the fifth year that the University has witnessed continuous increase in the number of awards. Also the University has been honored with a bronze medal of national finals in China “Internet Plus” University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest and two teams of BISTU students have been honored as Entrepreneurial Teams of Students in Universities in Beijing. BISTU young volunteers have successfully completed their missions in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC on National Day, Beijing World Horticulture Expo, Beijing Basketball World Cup, etc. Employment rate of graduating students in 2019 reaches 99.33% and employment rate of postgraduate students has been 100% in three years in a row.   

Keeping pace with the times, the University has been steadily facilitating governance environment. In the past year, we have comprehensively promoted an all-out effort to enforce strict party discipline, optimized governance environment, and enhanced governance competence. We have successfully passed the administrative examination for BISTU University Statutes. Gradually emerging are the positive effects of reform on administration divisions, election of division directors and deputies, performance-based salaries, and professional titles for faculties. We have constructed a sound system for morality and ethics of faculties. And security and safety mechanism of the University has been constantly perfected, which safeguards constant harmony and security on campus.  

Working together with cohesion and consensus, we have made marked progress in emotional environment construction. For four successive years, the University has celebrated birthdays collectively for faculties and staff who just turn 50. A number of events such as collective birthdays and ceremony of retirement with honor have been normalized. On the basis of the 70th birthday of PRC, the University has conducted a series of activities, i.e., Understanding China, Stories of New China and Me, I Share the Same Age with PRC, etc., and actively promoted a few events such as “Lectures on Original Aspiration” and “Pioneers of Party Member of Senior Age”. Remarkable progresses have been made in student funding and finance, i.e., two BISTU faculties and staff have been granted awards as “Faculties of Excellence in Student Finance” and “Inspirational Faculties of Universities in Beijing”.  

On the journey to greater success, we are as prudent at the end as at the beginning. In retrospect, the past year is fulfilling and we are unperturbed. Looking to the future, we will have fortitude and assurance as always in that we share the same faith. The development consensus building the best university and achieving the best as we can” has been established and “construction of five environments” has been effectively implemented. The year 2020 is the final year for achieving the first centenary goal, the completion of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and the 13th Five Year Plan. It is also the year when BISTU would complete construction of Phase 1 of the New Campus, apply for approval of doctoral programs, and make new breakthroughs in teaching and academic research. The University will remain true to our original aspiration, bearing our mission firmly in mind, motivate ourselves to march forward, and work with friends of all circles with cohesion. Double First-rate construction will be our direction and the features in information technology remain the main road for us to follow. We would strive to build an even better future for BISTU and make greater contributions to construction of Beijing as Four Centers, coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation!  

Dear alumni home and abroad, dear friends in all circles of life, we sincerely hope that BISTU, as ever, will have your care and support.  

We wish you a new year filled with prosperity, joy, and contentment!