“President Café” —— Graduation Seminar of BISTU Successfully Completes

By Mon, 10 Jun 2019 GMT

Beijing, 10th June, 2019, (BISTU)— BISTU President Cafe— graduation seminar successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus. The talks are held between 11 representatives of graduating students and President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Chen Gang, Director Li Huatao of General Administration Office, Director Wang Xingfen of Postgraduate Office, and Secretary Ma Shaohui of Youth League Committee and is hosted by Director Jia Bin of Undergraduate Office.  


In his closing remark, Wang Yongsheng firstly congratulates successful graduation of students. BISTU features in talent cultivation and development are reflected in satisfactory jobs students have located. The gratitude as is shown in experiences sharing of students is positive affirmation of the University’s effort in implementing the fundamental mission of developing education with focus on morality. With regard to suggestions from students, Wang Yongsheng says that it is one of objectives of BISTU to meet demand of students. He stresses that BISTU is always home to all alumni and would serve as solid support for all students. He recommends that all students shall set clear life goals and combine personal development with demand of the nation and of the New Era. It is hoped that all students remain self-confident and optimistic and actively face with various difficulties and challenges so as to make contributions to our society.  


Chen Gang says it is nice of students to share their experiences in university life and learning. He feels happy for great improvement of students in respect of professional knowledge, comprehensive quality, personal image and temperament, and logic thinking. He stresses that all graduating students will for ever be alumni of BISTU, no matter where they are or what they will engage themselves in. He is deeply convinced that students will enjoy their brilliant future. 


The seminar sees 11 representatives of graduating students from various majors and schools sharing their experiences and harvests in learning and practice, their puzzles and questions in furthering studies and job hunting, and their suggestions in management and teaching. Li Chunmei from School of Economics and Management shares her rice experiences of acting as team leader, participating in volunteer teaching, field practice in Jinggangshan, etc. and encourages students to keep a beginner’s mind and achieve academic progress in future studies. Reziwanguli Tuoheti (热孜宛古丽·托合提) from School of Media and Public Administration applies four seasons, i.e., spring, summer, autumn and winter, to symbolizing stages of her undergraduate studies and extends special thanks to all faculties and staff of the Achool for their care and support. She says that the fine traditions of BISTU will be carried forward and she will for ever be proud of being a member of BISTU.  


At the end of the seminar, Wang Yongsheng presents Tuesday’s with Morrie to all representatives of graduating students and takes group photos with them.