“Motherland and Me” —— BISTU Seminar for President and Young Faculties Successfully Concludes

By Mon, 10 Jun 2019 GMT

Beijing, 8th June, 2019, (BISTU)— Themed on Motherland and Me”, the seminar held for talks between the President and young faculties successfully concludes at library of Xiaoying Campus. The seminar is attended by President Wang Yongsheng, Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee, Director Chen Xin of Human Resources Office, Executive Vice Chairman Guo Xiaobing of BISTU Labor Union, Deputy Director Yang Hongbo of Human Resources Office, Deputy Secretary Chen Tianyu of BISTU Youth League Committee, and 14 representatives of young faculties and is hosted by Li Zhuo, Director of Youth Commission of BISTU Labor Union.  


In his closing remarks, President Wang Yongsheng extends thanks to all faculties for their support and approbation with talent policies of the University. Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that a powerful motherland and fast-development of the country is cornerstone for all. Young faculties shall love our motherland and care about development of our motherland. Firstly, it is a must to implement the fundamental mission of developing education with focus on morality. The mission of higher educational institutions is talent cultivation whose key lies in faculties. All young faculties of BISTU must learn earnestly the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s address in national conference on education and conference on ideological teaching in schools. Focus shall be laid on patriotism and cultivating socialist builders and successors who are fully developed in morals, intelligence, physical fitness, and aesthetics. Secondly, young faculties shall constantly enhance their professional competences. Quality of faculties directly decides competence, academic level, and future development of a university. All faculties, administrative staff members, and tutors shall strictly follow the laws and regularities of higher education, cater to new situations and new requirements in the New Era, and become loving faculties with solid foundation of professional skills. And thirdly, young faculties shall be ambitious and hold fast to dreams. The new generation of faculties must establish ambitious goals of life and career. When facing with difficulties, our predecessors have set up very good examples for us to follow. We shall grow with development of our motherland and embrace the future. And we are to work even harder for achieving three major goals of the University and for great rejuvenation of Chinese Nation.  


Wang Xiuyan introduces relating policy on talent cultivation and explains the University’s expectation upon young talents. It is hoped that all young faculties try hard to be faculties of excellence and shall be brave in shouldering their responsibilities. The University will care growth and development of young faculties as ever, build better platforms, and produce more opportunities.  


On the seminar, 14 faculties share their experiences of working at BISTU. Zhang Pinyi, Chen Ying, and Zhu Guixian, three faculties who are just promoted as associate professors via “green passage”, extend their gratitude towards the university for great help from talent policies. They express that they will work even harder, not to fall short of BISTU expectation. Du Kangning, a graduate of BISTU and now a doctoral student of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences shares his personal feelings about change and achievements that BISTU has made in recent few years. He feels immensely proud of being a member of BISTU and sends his best wishes for future development of the University.  

On the seminar, all faculties, directors, and senior administrators of the University watch Power of Role Models.    


After the seminar, Wang Yongsheng presents Xi Jinping in Zhengding, a book on President Xi Jinping’s working experience in Zhengding of Hebei Province. And then a group photo is taken to summarize this encouraging meeting.