BISTU Held Mobilization Meeting on Undergraduate Education Evaluation and Assessment

By Tue, 07 May 2024 GMT

Beijing, 7th May 2024 (BISTU)--- Addressed by Chairman Xie Jiangling of the University Council and chaired by President Guo Fu, the mobilization meeting on undergraduate education evaluation and assessment successfully completed on 7th May 2024 at Shahe Campus.  


Xie Jiangling pointed out that undergraduate education evaluation and assessment served as an important means to enhance moral education in schools and fostering virtue among students and a comprehensive appraisal of academic strengths, educational level, and talent cultivation quality of a university. It was a precious opportunity for the University to summarize experiences for future development. All faculty and staff shall be fully aware of the importance of the evaluation and assessment and greet it with our optimum condition.  


Xie Jiangling stressed that in the first place we shall enhance our awareness of the importance and reach consensus on the implications of the evaluation and assessment. We were to highlight our educational features and strengths, strengthen the core role of talent cultivation, and deepen the reform of teaching to make new progresses. Second, all faculty and staff should be clarified with their responsibilities and think in big-picture terms to join the synergy of the University in greeting the evaluation and assessment. Supervision and discipline inspection meanwhile should also be strengthened. And third, we were to adopt a scientific method to bring the role of undergraduate education evaluation and assessment into full play. Guided by the principle of establishing a better image, strengthening the cohesion, providing better service, and boosting development, we were to constantly improve our working style in teaching and learning. Interconnectivity among admissions, cultivation, and employment should be strengthened. It required the joint efforts of all students, faculty, and staff of the University to achieve high-quality development and to comprehensively enhance our core competitiveness. Xie Jiangling said.  

Xie Jiangling reiterated the importance of undergraduate teaching evaluation and assessment. We were expected to seize the opportunities and work with enterprise and grit and through self-reliance. A successful evaluation and assessment would help build a larger room of quality-oriented development and lay a solid foundation for achieving our objective of building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. Xie added.  


Vice President Wang Xingfen made concrete arrangements on undergraduate education evaluation and assessment and explained the requirements on undergraduate teaching reform. She stressed that BISTU schools and divisions & offices should be fully aware of their responsibilities and greet the evaluation and assessment with rigorousness and vigor so that we would achieve a satisfactory result.  


The Meeting was joined by all other senior administrators, deans and chairmen of BISTU schools, directors of BISTU divisions and offices, and department chairs.