Harmony of Youth in Glorious Dreams: BISTU Celebrated Opening Ceremony for the 7th Culture and Art Festival

By Tue, 30 Apr 2024 GMT

Beijing, 30th April 2024 (BISTU)——— Harmony of Youth in Glorious Dreams— the opening ceremony of the 7th Culture and Art Festival successfully completed on 29th April 2024. The Ceremony was attended by Chairman Xie Jiangling of University Council, President Guo Fu, all other senior administrators, deans of BISTU schools, and directors of relating divisions and offices.


The 7th Culture and Art Festival was officially launched by Xie Jiangling, Guo Fu, Wu Shujun(supervisor of BISTU track and field team), Sheng Liguo (a member of faculty chorus), Su Wen (a BISTU student honored as an outstanding ex-serviceman), and Chen Jialin (the leading player of BISTU aerobics team).

The singing competition themed on “harmony of youth in glorious dreams” followed the opening ceremony and attracted over 700 students and faculty from 12 schools. Their songs are a tribute to our times and their dreams indicate a fresh chapter of the new era.


 Wonderful performances of BISTU faculty chorus ignited the singing competition.

The days of being young still shine when we look back in time. The years of youth are the source of our vitality. Audiences warmly applauded the retired faculty for their beautiful songs on hometown and the past years.

BISTU Chorus expressed in their songs the firm belief and selfless dedication to development of our nation under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party.

The singing competition saw warmth, passion, and spectacular performances of students and faculty. Vice Chairman Zhao Jinbo of Beijing Musicians’ Association, Guo Ying (associate professor at BISTU aesthetic education center, Shen Jing (a member of Chinese Musicians’ Association), Pan Tao (a first-tier singer), and Yu Na (a music composer) were invited as judges and reviewers of the competition.

School of Information and Communication Engineering expressed their patriotic feelings and dreams about future with two songs they have been practicing.

Songs by School of Applied Technology told a story of the glorious past and the shining future. Here is a prosperous China, just as you have wished for!

School of Applied Science showed the passion and endeavors to build up a better tomorrow with strengths of the youth.

Bearing in mind the original aspirations and keeping forging ahead towards dreams, faculty and students of Foreign Studies School offered a spectacular performance.


Songs performed by the team of Media and Public Administration School gave an added grace to the competition.


School of Electromechanical Engineering performed two beautiful songs with their enterprising spirit.


School of Marxism greeted the May Fourth Day with two songs to pay tribute to wonderful sceneries and rapid development of our nation.


Writing a new chapter for the youth in a new era, School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronic Engineering displayed in their songs the firm belief that rejuvenation of Chinese nation will be realized.

Showing their deep love of the nation, BISTU, families, and themselves, School of Automation team told us that the youth would shine for those who are courageous to scale the heights.  

The long-established glorious history and the unyielding sprit of Chinese nation were reflected in the chorus songs performed by School of Information Management.  

With songs about stars and time & space, Computer Science School brought audiences through time and space to the past where we have made up our minds to fight for an brighter future.  

Sincere love and care of the people and our nation from School of Economics and Management filled the songs they performed.


 President Guo Fu presented certificates of honors to winners of the first prizes. 

Vice Chairman Xin Hongguang of University Council presented awards to second prize winners.  

Awards for third prize winners were presented by Vice President Ye Xiangzhong and Vice President Wang Xingfen.  

Vice President Xiao Zhisong presented awards to the winners of the most popular singer, the best voice, and the best stage show.  

An ensemble song in the end showed BISTU’s resolution to devote to development of our nation and the May Fourth spirit, i.e., patriotism, progress, democracy and science, with patriotism at the core.


Award-presenting ceremony was also held for winners of the best supervisors for student associations, “teachers I love most”, and “the best professor in my heart”. While presenting the awards, student representatives expressed their most sincere gratitude to their teachers.

It is the 7th BISTU Culture and Art Festival, an annual event covering 64 activities in four sections, namely, cultural activities, dancing and singing, vitality in sports, and school-specific activities. To tell China's stories well and make the voice of youth heard is an important move of the University in implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to nurture socialist builders and successors with all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding with a hard-working spirit.

Future efforts would be invested in strengthening the role of campus culture in guiding students in learning and life.