Empowering Youth through Sports: BISTU Celebrates Opening Ceremony of 2024 Spring Sports Meeting

By Thu, 25 Apr 2024 GMT

Beijing, 25th April 2024 (BISTU)--- BISTU celebrated the opening ceremony of 2024 Spring Sports Meeting at the playing field of Shahe Campus on 25th April 2024. The opening ceremony was joined by all senior administrators, directors of offices and divisions, and deans of BISTU schools.  


Accompanied by The March of the Athletes, the opening ceremony started with a ceremonial entry led by the formations of national flag, BISTU flag, and BISTU logo composed of students and faculty, followed by various formations of flowers, referees, BISTU schools, alumni, and faculty and staff. Their robust steps and radiating vigor indicated the progressive, thriving spirit of the University.   


The national flag-raising ceremony witnessed all students and faculty sing the national anthem and solute with their eyes to the national flag, marking the beginning of sports competitions.  


Performances by faculty and students of the University, in the form of dragon dancing, dancing, and display of PE teaching, showed BISTU’s zeal of patriotism, loyal devotion to our country, and the firm belief in the great future of our nation.  








After that, student players joined their respective field and track events.  




Recent years have witnessed BISTU’s endeavor to build a holistic educational system, i.e., the integration of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor education. We have established a parallel track for developing physical education along with the line of political and ideological education. Based on our educational feature in information technology, a platform of “internet plus PE plus on-site teaching” has been formed. The University would constantly explore theories and practices to enhance effectiveness of PE education and to build a big picture of “PE for all faculty and staff”.  


We are convinced that the sportsmanship “faster, higher, stronger, and together” will be fully interpreted by BISTU students and faculty in the Sports Meeting. With a positive attitude and strengths of youth, we are confident to build a campus of warmth, calmness, and vitality.