Singing Stars: Public Welfare Event for 2024 World Autism Awareness Day Held at BISTU

By Sun, 31 Mar 2024 GMT

Children of the stars are greeting the spring with warmth unseen in the past.  


Beijing, 31st March 2024 (BISTU)--- Jointly sponsored by China Association of Social Workers and BISTU and organized by Rehabilitation Working Committee of China Association of Social Workers and Star Hope (Beijing) Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Singing Stars: 2024 World Autism Awareness Day, a public welfare event was held at Shahe Campus of BISTU. The Activity was attended by Chairman Chen Cungen of China Association of Social Workers, General Manager Liu Ming of CHN Energy Capital Holdings, President Zhao Pengqi of Zhongshe Social Work Development Foundation, Research Fellow Zhao Xiaoguang of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA), and staff members of China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, China Disabled Peoples Performing Art Troupe, and Zhongshe Social Work Development Foundation. The opening ceremony was addressed by Chairman Xie Jiangling of BISTU University Council.  


Xie Jiangling extended warm welcome to all distinguished guests and paid tribute to friends of all circles who have cared and supported the autism community. Higher educational institutions, as the lighthouse of wisdom and the base for cultural inheritance, shall have their social values. Xie Jiangling said. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, BISTU has been following the principle of serving campuses, local governments, Beijing, and our nation and shouldering social responsibilities. This Event would build a platform of mutual support for children of the stars, enhance peoples awareness for autistic persons, and open a more inclusive path for autism community. It is a cause of hope! He added that the University would take this opportunity to fulfill social responsibility and carry forward our volunteering spirit.  


Chen Cungen expressed thanks to BISTU for the support with this public welfare event and the care of the autism community. He expressed that rehabilitation, education, and support of physically-challenged children involved a long period of time and energy and a number of issues in other aspects. It required joint efforts of the whole society. Gathering strengths of social workers to build a better life, the campaign organized by China Association of Social Workers, found resemblance with Seamless services and care from surviving to thriving, the campaign of 2024 World Autism Awareness Day. Social workers and volunteers are important bridges in bringing social service and support to special groups. He expressed sincere gratitude to BISTU and its outstanding volunteers for their wonderful work and contribution to healthy growth of children of the stars. China Association of Social Workers would strengthen cooperation with BISTU to make greater contribution to rehabilitation of autistic persons. He said.  


Hand in Hand for Rehabilitation Education, a public welfare project, was jointly launched by Chen Cungen, Xie Jiangling, Liu Ming, Zhao Xiaoguang, Executive Vice President Cao Yuejin of China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Vice President Qiao Heng of China Association of Social Workers, former Chairman Huang Bailian of National Academy of Education Administration Council, Vice Secretary-Chief Wang Jianli of Zhongshe Social Work Development Foundation, Vice President Wang Xingfen of BISTU, and Deputy Director Du Jiamei of Rehabilitation Working Committee of China Association of Social Workers (the superintendent of Star Hope (Beijing) Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd.).  


As the mother of a child of the stars, Du Jiamei shared her experiences and explained the original aspiration of establishing this public welfare project. She hoped that professional knowledge at the University would shine a light for children of the stars, pass on the goodwill, and enhance the societys understanding and inclusive awareness of autistic children.  


Gong Linna, a songster who has long been dedicated to serving the autistic children, received the letter of appointment as Special art consultant for the star-singing troupe from Director Du Shizhi of BISTU Department of Publicity.  


 “Children of the stars presented their painting and drawing works to social workers of rehabilitation.  


Gong Linna and children of the stars were happily singing together.  


Children of the stars presented wonderful performances.   


Children of the stars were playing a guitar with BISTU volunteers.  


BISTU volunteers offered their outstanding performance to pass on their faith and goodwill.  


The music performance was concluded with a group song of love and care.  




This event attracted around 100 children of the stars and their parents. Over 30 children of the stars and their parents joined the performances. And over 60 painting and drawing works of children of the stars were exhibited at BISTU.  




Wang Yiwen, a postgraduate student enrolled at BISTU in 2023, is responsible for volunteering activities at BISTU. Together with 150 volunteers of BISTU, Wang Yiwen and the team mates have played games and toured around the campus with children of the stars. Wang commented that the Event is not only a volunteering activity for them. It also built a platform for children of the stars to be confident and to be accepted by our society.  


Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills and social interactions. Children with autism are sometimes called "children of the stars" in China as they are often perceived as lonely and can have unconventional emotional reactions, language abilities or social skills. A report on autism education showed that there were more than 10 million people with an autism spectrum disorder in China, among whom about 2 million were children aged under 12. BISTU Rehabilitation team of social workers is a long-standing student volunteering team and has been dedicated to providing professional support in information technology with children of the stars.  

This event was covered by a number of media including CCTV, CETV, Modern Education News, BTV, Beijing Youth Daily, Bjnews, etc.