BISTU and Beijing JYD Digital Technology Company Signed Agreement of Cooperation

By Mon, 11 Mar 2024 GMT


Beijing, 11th March 2024 (BISTU)---   Beijing JYD Digital Technology Company delegation headed by Chairman of Board Qian Rui visited BISTU and signed cooperative agreement with the University on 11th March 2024, aiming at implementing the national strategy of invigorating China through science and technology and taking initiative in serving the strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development.  


   Secretary Xie Jiangling and President Guo Fu met with Qian Rui and delegation members.  


Xie Jiangling presided over the signing ceremony. He introduced the development of various undertakings of the school from the educational history, educational features, academic disciplines, talent cultivation, the progress with construction of the new campus and other aspects. He pointed out that the University is greeting unprecedented opportunities for development and unprecedented concern and support from Beijing Municipality. BISTU has the responsibility, the obligation, the will, the ability to serve municipal strategic development. He stressed that the depth of cooperation between both parties has a solid foundation, a broad path, and a promising future. As a leading enterprise in the synergistic cooperation between governments, schools and enterprises, JYD has made sound preparation for future development in Huailai Science and Technology Park in Zhangjiakou. We are expecting a new benchmark for cooperation between schools and enterprises. And he hoped that the two sides will continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation and achieve mutual benefit in respect of talent cultivation, intelligent campus, integration of industry and education, construction of scientific research platforms, etc. 


Following an introduction to orientation and strategic mission of the Company, Qian Rui highlighted the strategic layout of JYD in the field of education digitalization and industry-education integration. He highly appreciated the latest achievements BISTU has made. He said that the school's distinctive feature and strengths in information technology have laid a good foundation for cooperation between the two sides. In the future, JYD will actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and promote practical cooperation between the two sides in the areas of intelligent teaching, intelligent campus, commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, integration of experimental teaching and industry-teaching, and empowering the whole process of talent cultivation by digitalization. 

  Vice President Li Wenbo of Beijing JYD Digital Technology Company explained the details of future cooperation.  


  The cooperative agreement was signed by Vice President Xiao Zhisong and Li Wenbo on behalf of their respective institutions.    

JYD delegation was shown the new campus and the center for security and safety surveillance. The signing ceremony and discussions were attended by directors of General Administration Office, Academic Affairs Office, Logistic Management Department, Office for Safety and Security, Information and Network Center, and External Liaison Office.