New Chapter, New Journey: BISTU New Semester Kicks Off

By Wed, 06 Mar 2024 GMT

Beijing, 6th March 2024 (BISTU)--- New beginning symbolized a brighter future. The General Meeting for all faculty and staff of BISTU successfully completed on 6th March 2024. The meeting was chaired by Secretary Xie Jiangling of CPC BISTU Committee. President Guo Fu delivered a report on arrangements for the upcoming year. About 1,500 faculties and staff of the University attended the meeting in the main venue at Shahe Campus, sub venues in other campuses, or via video links.

According to the Meeting, the general objective of the University in 2024 is to follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the 2nd plenary session of the 20th CPC National Congress, fully implement General Xi Jinpings important instructions and statements on education, and implement the spirit of the 13th Beijing Municipal Congress of CPC. We are to hold onto the school-running orientation of building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. Aiming at achieving high-quality innovative development, we are to make progresses in a steady manner, follow the national strategy of invigorating China through education, deepen talent cultivation reform, lay emphasis on integrated development of school-local governments cooperation, keep pace with our motto of diligence and honor, and following the general principle of development establishing a better image, strengthening the cohesion, providing better service, and boosting development. We are to make further progresses in all aspects of our work to bring new momentum to forming new productive forces for the University.

Xie Jiangling addressed the Meeting. With firm leadership of Beijing Municipality and joint efforts of BISTU students and faculty and staff, we have made breakthroughs, accomplished several substantial missions, and been offered an unprecedented atmosphere and unprecedented opportunities of development.

In the first place, Xie Jiangling stressed that we must enhance our political awareness. The key issues of the University would be explained clearly to all faculty and staff. All things that matter benefits of faculty and staff must be done in an open manner. The general goal was to build an environment where everything followed its rules and the regulations of the University.

Second, we were to be men of actions to promote BISTU development in a sound and rapid manner. Xie Jiangling requested that all faculty and staff of the University should view themselves as role models to build up a sound learning and teaching atmosphere. Full support should be provided with high quality development of the University, inclusive of holding big-picture thinking at work, tempering professional skills, and enhancing core competitiveness.

And third, we should seek the truth and be truthful with our cause. Xie Jiangling stressed that BISTU was to build a campus of warmth, quietness, and vitality in 2024 so as to achieve our goal of becoming a Year-round University. We were to provide better campuses and services with students and faculty to lift their spirit.

Xie Jiangling stressed that the key to running an outstanding university is human resources. Attitude, capacity, time, and energy were all important factors. However, emotion was the most important factor. He hoped that all faculty and staff of the University strengthen their love of BISTU and called on all faculty and staff to contribute their ideas and efforts to compose a new brilliant chapter for BISTU.

Titled Endogenous promotion for high quality innovative development, Guo Fu delivered the work report of the University. He emphasized that the year 2024 would see academic discipline construction as one leading component in our work, i.e., we were to build layered academic disciplines including first-class disciplines, disciplines of strengths, and supporting disciplines.

We were to center on two issues, approval of doctoral programs and undergraduate teaching appraisal, to improve academic discipline construction and the quality of talent cultivation.

Team building would be carried out for three teams, i.e., teaching and research teams, teams for students work, and teams of management and services. Human resources are one of the core resources of the University.

Priority would be given to four aspects, i.e., reform of cultivation model, reform of performance appraisal, reform of the mechanism of tenured employment and advanced-offer employment, and trials of running education in areas around Beijing. Faculty and students would be motivated, pathway of school-running would be innovated, and new development room would be explored.

Five aspects of the University would be highlighted, i.e., party building, the quality of talent cultivation, the feature of our education, university governance, and effectiveness and efficiency of our services.

Breakthroughs were expected to make in six areas, i.e., campus construction, the quality of admissions and employment for graduating students, approval of doctoral programs in other academic disciplines, the number of high-caliber talents, organized research, and international educational cooperation.

Better services would be provided in seven aspects, i.e., overall planning and internal coordination, publicity and media coverage, digital empowerment, tapping new resources and economizing on expenditure, reasonable allocation of resources, and logistic work.

Guo Fu stressed that all faculty and staff of the University should be vigorous and energetic. With ideological, political, and active self-consciousness, faculty and staff were expected to make greater contributions to writing a new chapter of high-quality development of Beijing and national rejuvenation in the course of developing new productive forces, boosting modernization with Chinese characteristics, and building a sound cycle for education, science and technology, and talents.

Faculty and staff of the University unanimously agreed that the Meeting would bring BISTU to a new phase of development. And the year 2924 would witness a brighter future built by all BISTUers with their endeavors.