BISTU Welcomes Grand Opening Ceremony of 2021 Robotics Competition among College Students of North China Five Provinces

By Mon, 22 Nov 2021 GMT

Beijing, 22nd November, 2021 (BISTU)  Sponsored by educational departments of five north China provinces and hosted by BISTU, the 2021 Robotics Competitions among College Students of North China Five Provinces celebrates its grand opening online on 21st November 2021.  


Distinguished guests for the Opening Ceremony include Academician Dai Qionghai of Chinese Academy of Engineering (Chairman Association for Artificial Intelligence, Dean of School of Information Science and Technology of Tsinghua University), Director Liu Xiao of Higher Education Department of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Investigator Rong Yanning of the Department, Deputy Director Liu Bing of Higher Education Division of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education, Deputy Director Gao Ming of Higher Education Division of Hebei Education Department, Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CPC BISTU Committee, General Referee of the Competition Liu Jun (professor of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology) as well as members of organizing committees in five provinces, experts of technological teams, referee teams and arbitration teams, directors of BISTU divisions, and representatives of contestants. The Ceremony is hosted by Vice President Fang Deying.  

On behalf of BISTU, Zhou Zhicheng extends warmest welcome to all distinguished guests and contestants and sincere thanks to organizing committees. He points out that the consensus has been formed in the world on advancement of robotics technology and industrial development as the new round of science and technology revolution moves forward. Various robots are playing their indispensible roles in the field of education, medical care, production, and everyday life. With consideration in Covid-19 pandemic containment, organizing committees have decided that this Competition will be run online. It is expected that this Competition will motivate students in exploring application of robotics and artificial intelligence to build a better life for mankind. And BISTU looks forward to collaborating with sister schools in respect of robotics engineering and cultivation of talents in artificial intelligence.  


Fang Deying expresses thanks to Beijing Municipal Commission of Education for the great support offered with the Competition. He points out that development of information technology has brought our close friends near. We are hundreds of miles apart and we are able to jointly witness the competition which has built a platform of innovation and practice for students in universities in the five provinces of north China. The Competition has seen over ten thousand of contestants and a large number of achievements in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. It effectively boosts regional cooperation and inter-school cooperation.  


On behalf of China Association for Artificial Intelligence, Academician Dai Qionghai extends warm congratulations to the Competition. He says that it is a trend of the year the first year of the 14th Five Year Plan to take the opportunity of the new round of science and technology revolution in making progress for future development. Artificial intelligence is a key area in national strategy of the 14th Five Year Plan. As an important field in artificial intelligence, robotics has a promising future and a great room of development. It is time we seize the opportunity of the New Era to meet with challenges and obtain new progresses. It is hoped that students will communicate on technologies as well as innovative thinking so as to make greater contributions to artificial intelligence in China.  


On behalf of all referees, Professor Liu Xuejun makes an oath that all sections and items of the Competition will be judged strictly based on rules and standards in an open, fair and justice manner.  


Liu Ciao extends thanks to sponsors, participating universities and volunteers for the Competition and to BISTU for careful organization. He points out that it is a time when the nation is in prosperity and the times is the best in history. Invaluable opportunities are provided with innovation and development of technology. There is great room in Beijing for development of robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, internet of things, and block chain technology. It is expected that students will fully show their talents and communicate with peers and that they will contribute more to our nation in the future.  


Themed on Intelligent service and innovative future, the Competition focuses on innovative design in artificial intelligence and robotics and attracts around 1,300 contestants from almost 80 universities. It builds a platform for college students to cultivate their competences in self-directed learning, innovation, engineering practice, and team collaboration.  

The Competition is co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education, Hebei Education Department, Shanxi Education Department, and Inner Mongolia Education Department. The first session was sponsored by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and hosted by BISTU. It is the 8th session this year. The Competition aims at enhancing science qualities and research skills of college students, facilitating communication and cooperation among universities, and bringing the role of artificial intelligence and robotics technology into full play in promoting economic development and social progress.