The Fifth Science & Technology Innovation Festival Opens at BISTU

By Thu, 11 Nov 2021 GMT


Beijing, 10th November, 2021 (BISTU)—   Xiaoying Campus celebrates the opening ceremony of BISTU the 5th Science & Technology Innovation Festival themed on “Wisdom in Youth; Future in Innovation” on 10th November 2021. The ceremony, hosted by Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CPC BISTU Committee, is attended by Vice President Fang Deying, Vice President Yu Shijie, Director Du Shizhi of Publicity Department (a member of Standing Committee of CPC BISTU Committee), members of organizing committee of the Festival, deans of BISTU schools, deputy secretaries of BISTU schools responsible for students’ affairs, and representatives of faculties and students.  


In his opening remarks, Yu Shijie sends best wishes to the Festival and shares stories of Ji Yichao, Wang Ning, and Xu Yunyou who have applied their professional knowledge to develop innovative science and technology projects to serve our society. He emphasizes that science and technology innovation is an important engine for human development, a powerful means to respond to global challenge, and a necessary way for China to build a new development pattern and achieve quality development. Aiming at “building the best university and achieving the best we can”, the University has been centering on providing service for “construction of Beijing as four centers” and building a comprehensive talent cultivation system integrating policy guidance, in-class cultivation, extracurricular activities, support and service, and industries and research. It is hoped that firstly BISTU faculties, staff and students would attach great importance to the Festival and actively participate in relating activities. The University spares no efforts to offering rooms of science and technology innovation and the Festival is aimed at providing students and faculties with a platform of communication. Secondly, it is hoped that the Festival will be a quality, innovative one. Under the grand context of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and reform of national science and technology system, academic research and science and technology innovation will be more valuable when conducted from the perspective of the nation and the people. And thirdly, it is hoped that students would further consolidate their professional skills and be consistent in research. With “diligence in learning and honor for life”, students are expected to highlight their features in specialty and industries so as to promote the big-stride development of BISTU. We are to work jointly to building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology. Says Yu Shijie.  


With expectations and applauses of all audiences, senior administrators of BISTU jointly unveil the fifth Science and Technology Innovation Festival.  


Experiences on science and technology innovation and talent cultivation are shared respectively by Liu Yaqing, the faculty representative, and Chen Yang, the student representative.  

An exhibition of achievements for science and technology innovation is shown to all audiences of the Festival following the opening ceremony. The Exhibition is aimed at motivating and cultivating students innovative awareness and practical competences.  

The exhibition hall attracts a large number of faculties and students. Some are watching performances by products of science and technology innovation. Some are listening intently to explanations of science and technology innovation products. The exhibition displays a variety of achievements in science and technology, including products, patents, software, papers, etc., which shows the latest progress of BISTU faculties and students in innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of robotics, new energy, big data application, laser detection system, etc.