BISTU Aesthetics Education Center Established

By Wed, 10 Nov 2021 GMT


Beijing, 10th November, 2021 (BISTU)— Xiaoying Campus of BISTU welcomes the Opening Ceremony of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center, attended by Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Fang Deying, directors of related divisions and offices, and representatives of faculties, on 10th November 2021. Director Gao Hong of National Steering Committee for Aesthetics Education in Higher Education Institutions (also Secretary of CPC Central Academy of Fine Arts Committee) sends congratulations via video link. Distinguished guests attending the ceremony include Director Zhao Hong of Art Education Center of Tsinghua University, Dean Song Xiujian of Aesthetics Education Institute of Central Academy of Fine Arts Committee, and Assistant to VP He Liang of the Institute. The Opening Ceremony is hosted by Vice President Yu Shijie.  


Wang Chuanliang addresses the Ceremony and extends sincere gratitude to friends of all circles who have offered their generous support and help with Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center. He stresses that the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core has attached great importance to aesthetics education and raised higher requirements. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that firstly all must enhance political awareness to firmly cultivate builders and successors of socialist course. Secondly, we shall lay focus on featured development in respect of aesthetics education. And thirdly, we are to facilitate integration of arts with sciences while carrying forward the spirit of aesthetics education. Wang Chuanliang points out that the Center is to be fully utilized to serve education and to guide students to establish appropriate aesthetic perception and noble moral sentiments while motivating their sparkling their imagination and innovative awareness. We are to shine the radiance of aesthetics over each student, faculty and staff of BISTU.  


Gao Hong extends warmest congratulations to establishment of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center via video links. He points out that establishment of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center will play a substantial role in strengthening aesthetics appreciation and humanity qualities of students in engineering universities. It will greatly boost the efforts to explore new models of aesthetics education and cultivate students of all-round development. Central Academy of Fine Arts will provide continuous support with construction and development of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center.  


Following her sincere congratulations to establishment of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center, Zhao Hong explains the important role of arts, when combining with science and technology, in facilitating all-round development of students.  


Song Xiujian points out arts and science & technology complement each other and each shines more brilliantly in the company of the other. BISTU has natural foundation and strengths in facilitating the combination of the two and thus the Center will have a promising future.  

Fang Deying raises concrete requests on future issues of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center. Director Mi Jie of Academic Affairs’ Office & Director of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center offers an introduction to preparations and future plan of the Center.  


Establishment of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center is aimed at implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on education and the spirit of National Conference on Education. It is based on education with focus on moral code of conduct of faculties and centers on socialist core values to enhance students’ aesthetic appreciation and humanity qualities. It is an important move to carry forward aesthetic spirit of Chinese nation and embed aesthetic education in the whole process of talent cultivation.  

The opening ceremony serves as a precious opportunity for development of BISTU Aesthetics Education (Art Education) Center. Future work will center on three aspects, the system of aesthetics education, coordinated education model, and featured development of aesthetics education at BISTU. Information technology will be applied to research in the field of aesthetics (art) education to bring our strengths in information technology into full play.