The 14th BISTU Meeting on Construction and Relocation of the New Campus Completes

By Mon, 01 Nov 2021 GMT

Beijing, 1st November, 2021 (BISTU)— President Wang Yongsheng conducts survey and investigation on offices, teaching facilities, and library of the New campus and holds the 14th BISTU meeting on construction and relocation of the New Campus.  






The Meeting, hosted by Vice President Chen Xin, is held in Room 402 of Art and Science Building of the New Campus and is attended by Vice President Fang Deying, Director Du Shizhi of Publicity Department (member of CPC BISTU Standing Committee), Assistant to VP Luan Zhongquan and Assistant to VP Lin Guoce as well as deans and directors of Marxism School, School of Media and Public Administration, School of Foreign Studies, School of Applied Sciences, Library, PE Department, and General Administration Office.  


Wang Yongsheng comments that we have made evident progress with construction and relocation of the New Campus and extends thanks to all faculties and staff for their contributions. He stresses that firstly coordination is requested in power supply, fire control, gas supply, and logistic services among relating divisions and offices. Secondly, mobilization and publicity on moving into the New Campus shall be enhanced. All schools and divisions shall try best to build a sound ambiance for construction and relocation of the New Campus. And thirdly, all issues shall be tackled as planned on the timetable. All divisions and offices shall make sure to accomplish their missions in a timely manner. Wang Yongsheng points out that moving into the New Campus would be a firm step for BISTU to build a high level university with distinctive features in information technology.  


Fang Deying requests that Academic Affairs Office shall make thorough preparations for training faculties on new teaching facilities. Focus shall be paid to online teaching and payment of construction projects of the New Campus.  

Chen Xin points out that Office for New Campus Construction shall be fully prepared for winding up activities of the New Campus. Schools and divisions shall conduct thorough inspection and tackle problems the moment they are identified.  

Du Shizhi points out that cultural construction of the New Campus shall now start. Top design of the University will be strengthened and implementation plans for cultural environment construction will be made.  

Issues on progresses of New Campus construction and relocation are respectively delivered by Director Cui Kai of Office for New Campus Construction, Executive Deputy Director Zhao Lisheng of Office for Management Committee of New Campus Construction, Dean Zhang Jian of Marxism School, Dean Yang Kongyu of School of Media and Public Administration, Dean Kong Weiping of Foreign Studies School, Dean Xie Ruifeng of School of Applied Sciences, Curator Zhao Ailing of University Library, Director Zhong Ling of PE Department, Director Zheng Zhaoyi of Logistics Management Department, and Deputy Director Wu Yingnian of Academic Affairs Office.