Opening Ceremony for Fresh Students of 2021 Successfully Concludes

By Sat, 09 Oct 2021 GMT


Beijing, 9th October, 2021 (BISTU)—  The Playing Field of Xiaoying Campus greets the opening ceremony for fresh students of 2021 on 9th October 2021. The Ceremony is attended by Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng and all other senior administrators as well as directors of divisions and offices, school deans and secretaries, representatives of tutors, class supervisors, faculties, and 2,416 fresh undergraduate students. It is hosted by Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CPC BISTU Committee.  



The opening ceremony commences with national anthem and national flag-raising ceremony.  


Wang Chuanliang presents certificates of tutors for fresh students of 2021.    


Wang Yongsheng addresses the ceremony. On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee and the University, Wang Yongsheng extends warmest welcome to all fresh students. He reviews the 84-year history of the University and talks about sound preparations made for greeting fresh students as well as hard work and hardship in construction and relocation of the New Campus. He tells the new students that firstly they shall engage themselves in the new Era and shoulder their responsibilities with courage. As new BISTUers, it is hoped that they will understand the fine tradition of BISTU in serving the nation, being dedicated to education, pioneering with painstaking efforts, and striving for the future. And then they will shoulder responsibilities, realize their value, and become qualified successor of our times. Secondly, on the new starting point, it is hoped that they will keep learning with perseverance. College is a new start for all fresh students. It is hoped that they will follow the example of outstanding senior students and graduates, seize every minute, learn knowledge with perseverance, build a solid foundation of knowledge, and have a mastery of professional competence. And thirdly, on the new starting point, it is hoped that they are always optimistic, proactive, and indomitable. Facing with frustrations and difficulties in learning and life, they will finally make it only if they are optimistic and keep going. Wang Yongsheng expresses that the future will prove that reading and thinking, exploration and practice, learning and recognition as well as frustrations, difficulties, pains, struggles, and perseverance will offer us a brighter tomorrow! And he sincerely hopes that students will cherish and relish each minute, accumulate power, and train competence and that they will engage their colorful youth in the current of the times.  


Vice Dean Wang Lei of School of Information Management delivers a speech as a representative of faculties. She produces some suggestions on campus learning. Students shall cherish every minute, be ambitious, locate the right objective and the right methods, and be courageous in shouldering responsibilities. And they will for sure enjoy the coming years of college life and build their own, bright future. Says Wang Lei.  


Wu Sihan from School of Applied Science shares her experiences as a representative of students. Based on her experience, she tells the fresh students to hold onto the principle of diligence and honor and turn their dreams into reality. The hardship in learning knowledge, together with the enthusiasm in life and the shining youth, will lead us to future successes. Says Wu Sihan.  


Senior administrators present university badges to fresh students.  


Representatives of schooling students and fresh students jointly make an oath: hold fast to our ideals and guiding philosophy of life, mount the professional peaks, enhance comprehensive personal qualities, purse a noble life, and build a beautiful life. We are to carry forward the University Motto diligence in learning and honor for life and strive for achieving the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation!