BISTU 12th Meeting on Construction and Relocation of the new Campus Successfully Concludes

By Mon, 27 Sep 2021 GMT

Beijing, 27th September, 2021 (BISTU)—   The 12th Meeting on construction and relocation of the new campus successfully concludes on 27th September 2021 at the New Campus. The meeting is attended by President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Fang Deying, Director Du Shizhi of Publicity Department (member of Standing Committee of CPC BSITU Committee), Assistant to VP Luan Zhongquan and Assistant to VP Lin Guoce and is hosted by Vice President Chen Xin. 


Wang Yongsheng checks the progress of construction and installment of facilities and conducts on-spot investigation upon other issues.  


Wang Yongsheng extends thanks to all faculties and staff contributing to construction and relocation of the New Campus and points out that firstly all shall be determined to face directly with difficulties and accomplish the mission of construction and relocation of the New Campus. Secondly, we shall strictly follow the timeline of planning. Any problem identified at work shall be reported in a timely manner. And thirdly, risks of all kinds shall be effectively prevented. Equal importance shall be attended to pandemic containment and clean government construction while safeguarding safety of construction and other security issues.  


Chen Xin explains concrete requirements on construction and relocation of the New Campus. He stresses that all divisions and offices involved shall coordinate closely with focus on key projects and qualities.  


Progress with construction of the New Campus is reported by Director Cui Kai of New Campus Construction Office. Executive Deputy Director Zhao Lisheng of Office of Management Committee of the New Campus delivers a report on progress with relocation of the New Campus. Progress with payment issues of the New Campus is explained by Deputy Director Chen Guoying of Financial Office. Other issues on publicity, tendering and bidding, academic affairs, asset management, student affairs, auditing, safety and security, network and logistics are respectively reported by Du Shizhi, Lin Guoce, Director Mi Jie of Academic Affairs Office, Director Hu Tao of Asset Management Office, Director Zhang Jingbo of Students Affairs Office, Director Wu Junfa of Auditing Office, Director Gong Hanming of Office for Safety and Security, Executive Deputy Director Wang Mingtao (presiding) of Information and Network Center, Deputy Director Qiu Mingxiao of Logistics Department and Assistant to Director Wang Jiqiang of Office of Management Committee of the New Campus.