Vice Mayor Lu Yan Visits BISTU New Campus

By Thu, 16 Sep 2021 GMT

Beijing, 16th September, 2021 (BISTU)—  Inspection on BISTU New Campus by Vice Mayor Lu Yan of Beijing successfully completes. The inspection is also attended by Deputy Secretary Chen Bei of Beijing Municipal Government Office, Deputy Director Zhang Yongkai of Beijing Municipal Educational Commission, Deputy Mayor Yang Renquan of Changping District, and BISTU faculties and staff including Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, Secretary Chen Qinghua of Disciplinary Inspection Committee of CPC BISTU Committee, Vice President Chen Xin and Assistant to VP Luan Zhongquan.   



Lu Yan and delegation members check construction progress and utility of facilities of the New Campus and then review the report delivered by BISTU on progress with construction of the New Campus and arrangements for relocation of the New Campus.  


Lu Yan speaks positively of the evident achievements BISTU has made in New Campus construction and other fields. He points out that BISTU shall continue to focus on removal of formaldehyde so as to build a safe, healthy environment of learning and living for students and faculties. Design of Halls of residence shall be optimized based on actual demand of students with emphasis on details. When the New Campus is in use, the construction area and the areas of learning and living shall not overlap or intersect. It is necessary to make sure that constructors and faculties & students enter and exit the campus in their own course. Lu Yan emphasizes that BISTU shall decidedly complete the mission as is planned by CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government and build the new Campus into a project to the satisfaction of students and their parents, to the University, and to CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government.  

Wang Chuanliang delivers a report on general development of BISTU, particularly construction and relocation of the New Campus. Wang Chuanliang expresses that construction and relocation of the New Campus, as a key project of Beijing Municipality, will enjoy top priority among all issues. The University will lay emphasis on both quality and progress to smoothly complete construction and relocation of the New Campus in a timely manner.  

Chen Xin delivers a report on areas of the New Campus which have been put in use, offering names with roads and building of the Campus, and facilities in Halls of Residence.  

Construction of BISTU New Campus combines the efforts of several generations of BISTUers and it wins great attention as well as expectation from students, parents, and social circles. With leadership of CPC BISTU Committee, the University has built a complete, perfect system of supervision and will build a project of elite and clean government.  

The inspection and report discussions are also attended by staff members from Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, Shahe Higher Education Zone Management Committee of Changping District, and BISTU divisions and offices.