President’s Message to Fresh Postgraduates of 2021: Facing with challenges and striving for a brighter future in the New Era

By Wed, 08 Sep 2021 GMT


By: President Wang Yongsheng  

8th September 2021 

Dear all fresh postgraduate students, dear faculties,  

Good morning! The prospective September comes to us with our hope for future. We are here together today to celebration opening ceremony for all fresh postgraduates enrolled in 2021 and to commemorate that your academic research officially launches today! On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee and BISTU, I sincerely extend my warmest welcome to all 1050 postgraduate students from all corners of our country.  

As an institution with substantial support from Beijing Municipality, BISTU was born in 1937 when the whole nation started the anti-Japanese War. In the past 84 years, the University has witnessed relocation and reorganization: we have resolutely moved to western China to respond to national request; we have successfully been supervised by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry and the former Ministry of Electronic Industry; and we have formed our unique, distinctive features in information technology, in general industries, and in military industry. In the new development phase and facing with the new round of revolution of science and technology, CPC BISTU Committee has designed a featured development plan centering on academic discipline construction, science and technology innovation, and team building. We are to strengthen our features in information technology, improve educational quality, promote industrial integration, build a high level academic discipline system, and promote research areas of our strength. It is aimed at offering the education which could prepare you for the future development of science and technology industry, broaden your horizon, temper your skills and competences, and help you make your success in the future. The University offers postgraduate programs in 13 first-tier academic disciplines, including 2 categorized as high-tech precision ones of Beijing Municipality. You will have access to 25 ministerial or provincial level key labs, inclusive of 2 key labs of Ministry of education. Annual research funding of the University has exceeded 200 million Yuan and the University is about to offer doctoral programs. Also preeminent is the achievement in innovation and entrepreneurship of students and the top 40 ranking of our graduates in terms of salary upon graduation. The past 84 years have seen one generation after another BISTUers learning here with Diligence in learning and honor for life--- the University Motto--- and their shining youth.  

You are from various parts of the country and you have the potential to do research. Students like Sun Linkun have published journal articles on high-level periodicals as an undergraduate. Yue Ting and Yu Wenhao have shown their competence in independent thinking and finding solutions to problems by winning various honors in unmanned formula races and competitions for innovation and entrepreneurship. Yu Jianping and Lv Bowen have also actively invested themselves in social service and are honored as a Five-star pacesetter in pageantry of National Day celebration pageantry. There are still a lot more I would name…… you are all outstanding young people. I would like to share a saying here: all places we have been to belong to the past. Now it is time for us to wave goodbye to the past. From today on, you are embarking on a new road with BISTU and you are becoming a participant, witness and builder of quality development of the University. Centering on my topic facing with challenges and striving for a brighter future in the New Era, I want to share with you the following. 


Firstly, it is hoped that you are to serve our motherland worthily with your academic competences. That you are a postgraduate student indicates you have officially become a member of national team in science and technology innovation. Demand of the nation and the era is the source for science and technology innovation. Only when you are on the stance of the nation and the people, your academic value and innovation value will remain fresh. Facing with global spread of coronavirus pandemic, Prof. You Rui, a rising start of Professor Zhu Lianqings team, courageously shoulder the responsibility in applying their research achievements to pandemic containment. They have explored terahertz detection technology for diseases and microchip for MEMS breath analysis---which has been applied to diagnosis of coronavirus pneumonia. And it has greatly increased effectiveness of diagnosis. Young scholar Liu Ning from Professor Su Zhongs team has actively explored high-dynamic navigation technology. The achievement is successfully applied to military parade of 2019 National Day. During the pandemic, the team has developed a system for big-flow face-recognition and temperature-taking, offering great help with pandemic containment. It is hoped that you will learn from them: shouldering your responsibilities, integrate into social development, contributing your academic research to development of the nation and wellbeing of the people.  

Secondly, it is hoped that you will be diligence and rigorous in learning and research. In currently world, key technology remains key to national development. However, mastering key technology can never be as simple as we speak. You have to focus on a certain area with perseverance. Deputy Director Qin Lei of BISTU Key Lab of Sensors enrolled in BISTU as a postgraduate student in 2004. The technology index of the composite material he developed enjoys the highest value among materials publicly reported home and abroad. Surface piezoelectric forming technology, one of his achievements, smashes up a monopoly of imported products. These are possibly not very core technology. However, these achievements are based on scores of years of repeated basic experiments. As new comers of academic research, I shall say that you are here at the right time. Now the nation has a nice ecology for science and technology innovation. Breakthroughs in technology and grand projects spring up. Meanwhile, clamor, fickleness, and utilitarianism are eroding our researchers. It is then much necessary to nurture researchers who would not seek only fame and wealth and who would devote wholeheartedly to academic research. I sincerely hope that you will adhere to the principle of diligence in learning and honor for life, be fearless of hardships, have an insatiable desire in learning, and be well-grounded in professional knowledge so as to lay a solid foundation for futures breakthroughs in science and technology. And I also hope that you will conduct your scholarly research rigorously at any time. You shall actively defend academic ethics and do research in a decent way.  

And thirdly, it is hoped that you are courageous and be bold in making innovation. Postgraduate students are backbone for the nation to build a new pattern of development. During your postgraduate years, you are supposed not only to learn knowledge and enhance your comprehensive qualities but also to foster enterprising, progressive spirit. Ji Yichao, enrolled in undergraduate education in 2011 and postgraduate in 2015, developed Momma browser and started a Peak Lab. He has become an outstanding representative of young people today. His success owes much to his frontier thinking and pioneering spirit. Facing with current changes unseen in a century and great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, innovation is put on the core position of national modernization. It will not only lead to in-depth interconnectivity in the field of science and technology, industry and education but also initiate endogenous transformation in academic disciplines, knowledge and methodology. The University has been actively improving our research competence in high-end chips, artificial intelligence, and digital culture. The world is filled with opportunities as well as challenges. The bigger the challenges, the bigger stage of performance you will enjoy. I hope that you will follow those role models, break conventional thinking, be pioneers of our times and strive to take a leading position in a new round of global innovation.  


BISTU does not have a very large campus. However, innovation and dreams are in every corner of the University. I sincerely hope that you would bravely face with challenges, strive for a brighter future, ardently search for the Truth, and pursue a graceful and healthy life! 

Thank you all!