Grand Opening Ceremony of Postgraduates 2021 Successfully Completes

By Wed, 08 Sep 2021 GMT


Beijing, 8th September, 2021 (BISTU)—    BISTU Xiaoying Campus is shining with the grand opening ceremony for 1050 fresh postgraduate students. The Ceremony is attended by Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, all other senior administrators of the University, directors of divisions, secretaries and deans of BISTU schools, representatives of postgraduate supervisors, representatives of mentors, representatives of schooling postgraduate students, and all fresh postgraduate students. The Ceremony is hosted by Vice President Yu Shijie.  


The Ceremony commences with national anthemn and national flag-raising ceremony.  



Wang Chuanliang presents certificates to winners of Fresh Postgraduate Student Scholarship.  


Wang Yongsheng sends a message to all fresh students. On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee and the University, Wang Yongsheng extends warmest welcome and congratulations to all new postgraduate students. Following the introduction to BISTU in respect of historical issues and current development, Wang Yongsheng encourages students to become participants,witnesses, and builders of BISTU today and tomorrow. He hopes that firstly postgraduate students shall serve the country worthily with academic competence. It is hoped that students will be brave to shoulder their responsibilities and actively integrate into social development. Secondly, it is hoped that students are diligent and rigorous in learning and research. During the postgraduate years, students are expected to adhere to the University Motto “diligence in learning and honor for life”, be fearless of hardships, have an insatiable desire in learning, and be well-grounded in professional knowledge so as to lay a solid foundation for futures breakthroughs in science and technology. Meanwhile, he hopes that students would conduct their scholarly research rigorously at any time and that they shall actively defend academic ethics and do research in a decent way. And thirdly, students shall be bold pioneers and courageous in innovation. It is hope that they will follow outstanding role modles, break conventional thinking, be pioneers of our times and strive to take a leading position in a new round of global innovation.  


Dean Su Zhang delivers a speech as the representative of postgraduate supervisors. Su Zhong shares stories of previous graduates and achievements BISTU postgraduate students have made. He also offers some advices in learning and life. It is high time that all grasp such precious opportunities and make a well-grounded start for postgraduate studies so as to shoulder the responsibilities of our times. Then we achieve the best we can and build a best university. 


Representatives of schooling postgraduate students perform poet recitation and share with new students their feelings and experiences in learning and research. They call for new students to become new young people of the new era and new BISTUers.  


Cao Xiaoping, the representative of new students, says that the University Motto “diligence in learning and honor for life” has been carried forward by one after generations of students. They are creating boundless social values. She calls for all new students to be quality BISTUers, be innovative and concentrated in learning and research, and devote to unremitting self-improvement.  



Senior administrators present university badges to representatives of new students.   


Led by Chen Yang, Chairman of Postgraduate Student Union, all new postgraduate students make a vow to academic integrity and promise to inherit the spirit of the University Motto “diligence in learning and honor for life”, abide by all academic rules and regulations, adhere to academic ethics, defend academic decency, and reject academic misconduct!