Wang Yongsheng Inspects Jianxiangqiao Campus for Epidemic Containment and Hazardous Chemicals Management

By Tue, 29 Dec 2020 GMT

Beijing, 29th December, 2020 (BISTU)President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CCP BISTU Committee, Vice President Chen Xin, and directors of relating divisions and offices, inspects Jianxiangqiao Campus for epidemic containment and management of hazardous chemicals.

Wang Yongsheng firstly inspects Beijing Key Lab of Sensors and listens to the report on history, development, and management of hazardous chemicals of the Lab delivered by Gao Guowei and Qin Lei. He also is informed of the detailed arrangement of epidemic containment in the Lab and checks offices and storehouses of the Lab.   

Wang Yongsheng stresses that management of hazardous chemicals deserves high degree of attention. All faculties and staff shall strictly follow relating laws and regulations. Policies and rules shall be perfected so as to firmly, completely eradicate the possibility of any accidents. Facing with the current excellent situation in science and technology innovation, the Lab shall seize the opportunity and make sound preparations for the 14th Five-Year Plan. Team building shall be enhanced. Centering on the 6th round of academic discipline assessment, the Lab shall invest more efforts in the field of electronic science and technology and microelectronics. And efforts shall also be invested in commercialization of research achievements.

Wang Yongsheng expresses that we are still facing with a complexed situation in epidemic containment. It is not the time of relaxation. With comprehensive planning and scientific management, we are to guarantee life safety and health of academic staff and faculties.   

Then Wang Yongsheng visits the Library and checks the rooms and houses retrieved from TRS. Based on current problems, he points out that more work shall be done in management and allocation of the retrieved houses and rooms with equal attention being paid to safety and security such as fire prevention to make sure these rooms and house are put in use as soon as possible.