BISTU Holds Meeting on Epidemic Containment

By Wed, 23 Dec 2020 GMT


Beijing, 22nd December, 2020 (BISTU)— BISTU conference on epidemic containment successfully concludes on 22nd December 2020 at Xiaoying Campus. The Meeting is attended by Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CCP BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, directors of divisions and offices, and deans of schools and is hosted by President Wang Yongsheng.

Wang Chuanliang points out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on comprehensive containment of coronavirus epidemic shall be thoroughly implemented together with the spirit of CCP Beijing Municipal Committee in this regard while making sound preparations for epidemic containment on campus during the New Year holiday and winter holiday.

With regard to epidemic containment at BISTU, Wang Chuanliang raises requests in four aspects. Firstly, political awareness and risk awareness shall be enhanced. Secondly, with strengthened leadership, everyone shall shoulder their responsibility. Thirdly, coordination in work deserves attention and smooth communication of information is necessary. And fourthly, strict and detailed rules shall be made and followed with regard to epidemic containment. Wang Chuanliang stresses that all working groups, divisions and offices, all schools shall seriously, fully implement the working scheme of the University on epidemic containment. We are to unite strengths of all faculties, staff and students to win the battle against the epidemic and to offer satisfactory response to all students, faculties, and staff.

Wang Yongsheng points out that we are still facing with a severe situation in term of coronavirus epidemic containment. Equal importance shall be constantly paid to normalized containment of epidemic and facilitation of all the work of the University. It is requested that all working groups, divisions and offices, and schools should seriously, earnestly fulfill their duties and make feasible, practice plans for epidemic containment in large-scale activities such as end-semester examinations. While safeguarding the health of students, faculties and staff, we shall also be flexible, serious, and accurate in dealing with issues regarding epidemic containment so that we would make due contributions to serve the development of Beijing. 

Vice President Yu Shijie conveys the spirit of the video conference for educational institutions in Beijing on epidemic containment held 19th December and briefs working arrangements and progress of the University in respect of implementation of the spirit of the conference, followed by arrangements on epidemic containment in the New Year’s Holiday and winter holiday.