Judicial Committee Member Chen Zhenhua of Beijing Intellectual Property Court Visits BISTU

By Mon, 14 Dec 2020 GMT

Beijing, 14th December, 2020 (BISTU)— President Wang Yongsheng meets with Chen Zhenhua, full-time member of Judicial Committee of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, on 14th December at Xiaoying Campus.  


Following the warm welcome to Chen Zhenhua, Wang Yongsheng offers an introduction of BISTU in respect of history, academic disciplinary construction, and features of education. Wang Yongsheng expresses that Beijing Intellectual Property Court has played an important role in implementing laws and regulations on intellectual property. Protection of science and technology innovation via protecting intellectual property is in line with the development principle of BISTU that the University is committed to science and technology innovation and protecting achievements of academic research. The University will take this opportunity to collaborate with Beijing Intellectual Property Court to strengthen applied research and intellectual property protection.  

Chen Zhenhua introduces Beijing Intellectual Property Court, including framework of the Court, jurisdiction of the Court, and working procedures. He says that courts now are deepening reform and innovation to serve people in an innovative way and contribute to the rule of law of the nation. He also shares some cases involving intellectual property of higher educational institutions. And he points out that the Court, based on a relatively mature mechanism of cooperation, hopes to explore exchange and communication with universities on a wide spectrum so as to achieve mutual development.  



Chen Zhenhua and delegation members are invited to visit the sand table of BISTU New Campus on the ground floor hall of the University Library.