BISTU 2020 Awarding Ceremony for Students Successfully Completes

By Fri, 11 Dec 2020 GMT


Beijing, 10th December, 2020 (BISTU)— Themed on “Role modules around you”, the 2020 BISTU Awarding ceremony for students successfully completed on Xiaoying Campus. The Ceremony is attended by Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CCP BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, all other senior administrators of the University, directors of divisions and offices, deans of schools, and representatives of faculties and students and is hosted by Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CCP BISTU Committee.        


On behalf of the University, Wang Chuanliang extends sincere thanks to all students, faculties and staff for their dedication and devotion in the past year and congratulations to all award winners. He also pays tribute to retired faculties and staff who have been awarded commemorative medals on the 70th anniversary of Korean War resisting aggression of the US and aiding DPRK. Wang Chuanliang points out that the University will keep following the consensus of “building the best university and achieving the best we can” to make further development in the coming five years. It is hoped that all students, faculties and staff of BISTU unite together to achieve greater success and to work for a better tomorrow.  



On the ceremony, awards and medals are presented to winners in respect of diligence in learning, science and technology competitions, contributions to social service, cultural and sports activities, social practices, and students” affairs by Wang Chuanliang, Wang Yongsheng, other senior administrators, directors of divisions and offices, and deans of schools.  



The Ceremony has set several sections, i.e., reviewing the past year, diligence in learning, ceaseless self-improvement, dedication and contribution, and devotion to education. These sections vividly show a picture of active and positive attitude and diligence of BISTU students, faculties and staff in “construction of five environments”..  


Then students present a stage play Praise of the Hero to commemorate the 70th anniversary of People’s Volunteer Army entering Korean War resisting the US invasion and aiding DPRK and the 85 anniversary of 29th January Movement. It is also to celebrate successful accomplishment of the first mission of two centenary goals: building a moderately prosperous society. It fully displays the spirit of BISTU students in shouldering due responsibilities, sharing the future with the nation, and selflessly contributing to the nation.  


A group photo is taken at the end of the ceremony. 

The University has been bringing the guiding role of role models into fully play. Via the event of “the role models around you”, a number of role models have been identified and become excellent examples for all students, faculties and staff.  


The year 2020 marks the beginning of the 14th Five year Plan. The University will seriously follow the historical mission of educating talents for the party and for the nation and will draw strengths and motivation from role models. United strengths will be gathered to boost the progress of building a modern socialist country and a better future for all people of the country.