Wrap-up Meeting on Postgraduate Admissions Successfully Completes at BISTU

By Mon, 16 Nov 2020 GMT


Beijing, 13th November, 2020 (BISTU)— Attended by President Wang Yongsheng, Secretary Chen Qinghua of Disciplinary Inspection Committee of CCP BISTU Committee, and Vice President Yu Shijie, the wrap-up meeting on BISTU postgraduate admissions successfully concludes on 13th November 2020 at Xiaoying Campus. The Meeting, hosted by Director Wang Xingfen of Postgraduate Office and Executive Vice Dean of Postgraduate School and also attended by directors of relating divisions, deans and vice deans of relating schools, department chairs, staff and faculties of postgraduate admissions, etc., aims at summing up postgraduate admissions of BISTU in 2020 and making preparations for postgraduate admissions in 2021.  


Wang Yongsheng speaks positively of 2020 postgraduate admissions in respect of admissions quota, general planning, and quality of candidates and extends sincere thanks to all faculties and staff of postgraduate admissions.  

Wang Yongsheng offers an analysis of the new opportunities and challenges with which postgraduate education of BISTU faces under the context of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of CCP, national conference on education, and coronavirus epidemic. He emphasizes that postgraduate education is very important for BISTU. As the very first step of postgraduate education, postgraduate admissions deserve enough attention. Postgraduate education and research at BISTU shall fully consider national strategy demand and industrial demand, lay focus on teachers’ code of morality, and be based on strengths and features of the University. With regard to postgraduate admissions in 2021, Wang Yongsheng says that firstly we shall strengthen our efforts in admissions in respect of policy, practice, and service. Secondly, publicity in postgraduate admissions shall be enhanced together with overall planning so as to attract candidates of high quality. And thirdly, all issues related to postgraduate admissions matter. All sectors, including but not limited to exam question setting, examination, interview, etc., shall be strictly based on rules and regulations.  


Chen Qinghua requests that schools and divisions/ offices shall further enhance their political awareness and comprehensively implement what has been required by supervising institutions. Staff training in respect of postgraduate admissions shall be strengthened. Inspection and supervision shall be embedded in the whole process from exam-setting to interview. Rules and regulations shall be once again reiterated. And archives and documents related to postgraduate admissions shall be strictly, scientifically managed.  


Yu Shijie summarizes postgraduate admissions in 2020 and says that BISTU faculties and staff unite together to overcome the unprecedented challenges and barriers brought along by coronavirus epidemic. And the postgraduate admissions in 2020 are an accomplished mission with high quality. Improvement has been achieved in all aspects such as teams of admissions, quota of admissions, and quality of candidates. Yu Shijie also summarizes weaknesses and future improvements to be made with regard to postgraduate admissions.  


Experiences of postgraduate admissions are shared by Dean Dong Mingli of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering and Dean Zhang Jian of School of Marxism.  


A training seminar then is conducted on setting exam questions for postgraduate admissions. Deputy Director Xu Bo of Confidentiality Office and Vice Dean Cui Xinhong of Postgraduate School respectively explain relating policies and regulations concerning postgraduate admissions.