BISTU Holds Conference on Implementation of Series National Policies on Science and Technology Reform

By Wed, 04 Nov 2020 GMT

Beijing, 3rd November, 2020 (BISTU)— BISTU holds a meeting on 29th October on discussion of the spirit of General Planning on Deepening Reform of Educational Appraisal Through the New Era published by Ministry of Education. The Meeting is attended by President Wang Yongsheng, directors and deans of Publicity Department, Academic Affairs’ Office, Postgraduate School, Human Resources Office, Financial Office, Assets Management Office, Audition Office, and Department of International Cooperation as well as vice deans responsible for academic research in schools. The Meeting is hosted by Vice President Chen Xin.  


Wang Yongsheng explains the spirit of the conference on General Planning on Deepening Reform of Educational Appraisal Through the New Era held 23rd October in Beijing. He points out that the General Planning is the very first systematic document on educational appraisal since the founding of PRC. It serves as a guideline on deepening reform of educational appraisal. It is expected that all faculties and staff learn and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on educational appraisal, i.e., why reform is necessary, what are included in the reform, and how the reform will be conducted. We shall accurately understand the essential meaning of education with focus on morality--- a fundamental standard for appraisal of education in schools of various levels. Teachers’ code of morality, together with achievements and effectiveness of teaching, shall be viewed as one of the most important standards in educational appraisal. Efforts shall be paid to reform of faculty appraisal so as to put the appropriate people on appropriate posts.  

Wang Yongsheng notes that there are three levels in reform of national educational appraisal: school, faculty, and students. The two core factors of the reform are code of morality and competence. Under the new system of appraisal, it is necessary to review BISTU appraisal system of academic research. Academic appraisal shall act as a guiding role in educational development.  

Chen Xin points out that the General Planning clarifies that reform on educational appraisal is necessary. Relating documents of BISTU shall accordingly be adjusted to make sure that academic research appraisal functions effectively as a guiding role in improving academic competence of BISTU.  

Deputy Director Wang Hongjun delivers a report on modification of documents in academic research, including modification course, modification basis, and major contents modified. Suggestions and advices are produced by other faculties on the meeting. Directors of Financial Office, International Cooperation Department, and Assets Management also explain relating terms and articles in the documents.