Wang Yongsheng Conducts in Yanqing District on Poverty Alleviation

By Fri, 23 Oct 2020 GMT

Beijing, 22nd October, 2020 (BISTU)— BISTU delegation headed by President Wang Yongsheng visits Yanqing District for survey on poverty alleviation. The delegation members include Vice President Chen Gang, Lu Lei--- member of Standing Committee of CCP BISTU Committee and Director of Organizational Department, and directors of General Administration Office, Publicity Department, Division of Logistics Management, Labor Union of the University, and deans of School of Media and Public Administration.  


Wang Yongsheng and the delegation members meet with Mu Peng, Secretary of CCP Yanqing District Committee. Wang Yongsheng says that the year 2020 is the final year of the combat against poverty. The University will firmly implement the spirit of instructions and talks of General Secretary Xi Jinping, fulfill decisions made by CCP Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government, and strengthen collaboration with Yanqing District in respect of robotics and big data to win the battle against poverty.  

In the introduction to Yanqing District, Mu Peng explains what the District has done in building an ecological recreational zone for Beijing. Mu Peng speaks highly of the efforts and contribution of BISTU for poverty alleviation in Yanqing District and hopes to strengthen collaboration between two parties in science and technology innovation and staff training.  

The delegation then visits Chengouwan Village of Zhenzhuquan (Pearl Spring) Town in Yanqing District, where He Yingli--- a BISTU staff--- works as Secretary of the Village Party Branch. Lai Huiwu, Head of Zhenzhuquan Town, and Zhang Xiaohui, Deputy Director of Organizational Department of Yanqing District, also join the delegation in the visit.  



Wang Yongsheng and the delegation members visit underprivileged families of the Village and bring along some essential and sentimental items of living for the families.  


On the seminar followed, Wang Yongsheng says that BISTU has attached great importance to poverty alleviation. In addition to specialized working groups for poverty alleviation, the University also selects staff of excellence to work for poverty-stricken village. It is hoped that all divisions and departments of the University collaborate to support these staff members and truly make progress in poverty alleviation in Chengouwan Village. Meanwhile, it is expected that He Yingli will keep working hard and successfully connect strengths and resources of BISTU with poverty alleviation of the Village.  


Chen Gang talks about what BISTU has done and has achieved in the past four years in supporting Chengouwan Village and expresses that the University will continue to offer necessary support with the Village in respect of industrial development, sales of agricultural products, and employment, and party building.  


Lai Huiwu speaks positively of achievements BISTU has made in supporting Chengouwan Village in poverty alleviation. Lai Huiwu comments that Chengouwan Village has taken on an altogether new aspect with the comprehensive supports offered by BISTU. A new model of collaboration between universities and college has been successfully created for rural country development. He sincerely hopes that Zhenzhuquan Town will finally win the battle against poverty with the help from strengths and intellectual resources of BISTU.  


A report is delivered by He Yingli, Secretary of the Village Party Branch of Chengouwan Village, on working progress and achievements in respect of BISTU supporting the Village.  


And an agreement of support and collaboration is signed between BISTU and Chengouwan Village.  


The Village presents a silk banner with “Grateful for BISTU dedication to people’s living” to express their thanks for the supports offered.