Wang Chuanliang Inspects Construction and Epidemic Containment at the New Campus

By Tue, 20 Oct 2020 GMT

Beijing, 19th October, 2020 (BISTU)— Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CCP BISTU Committee, accompanied by Vice President Chen Gang, Vice President Ma Qinghong, Vice President Yu Shijie, Assistant to VP Lin Guoce, and directors of General Administration Office, Publicity Department, Office for New Campus Construction, etc., inspects the New Campus on construction progress and epidemic containment.  



On the construction sites of Students’ Activity Center and Stadium, Wang Chuanliang carefully enquire about engineering design, construction progress, and quality of construction. He emphasizes that we shall further optimize design and planning of the New Campus while making sure the construction progresses as scheduled. In the end we are to build a modernized university here on the New Campus.  


In the seminar followed, Wang Chuanliang extends thanks to faculties, staff and contractors for their hard work on the new phase of construction of the New Campus. He stresses that we are counting down the timer of moving into the New Campus. We shall ensure new students would be well accommodated in the New Campus in 2021 and all would be settled by 2022. With regard to construction and epidemic containment at the New Campus, Wang Chuanliang points out that firstly the whole university shall firmly implement the requirements raised by CCP Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government to build a modern university in line with the demand of socialist course with Chinese characteristics. We shall adhere to the human-centered principle and closely combine construction of the New Campus with development of the University. Secondly, party building shall be comprehensively strengthened and all shall follow the pathway of exercising full and strict governance over the Party. All regulations and procedures must be strictly followed. The construction of the New Campus shall be a project of quality and of clean government. Thirdly, equal importance shall be attached to construction and epidemic containment. We shall never relax our vigilance on epidemic containment and spare no efforts to ensure life and health of faculties, staff, and contractors of the New Campus. And fourthly, issues regarding construction of the New Campus shall be organized and handled comprehensively and cultural construction on the New Campus shall be strengthened. Communication with Changping District shall be enhanced while coordinating with all divisions and offices of the University to prepare for moving into the New Campus. Extensive enquiries and discussions shall be organized in respect of landscape design and exterior decoration.  


A report on progress and key events in recent days on construction of the New Campus is delivered by Director Ying Shuzhi of Office for New Campus Construction. Discussion is also held on design and other issues of the New Campus.