Wang Chuanliang Inspects the New Campus

By Mon, 03 Aug 2020 GMT

Beijing, 3rd August, 2020 (BISTU)--- Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CCP BISTU Committee, accompanied by Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CP BISTU Committee, Vice resident Ma Qinghong, Secretary Chen Qinghua of Disciplinary Inspection Committee of CP BISTU Committee, Vice President Yu Shijie, Vice President Zhang Lin, Vice President Chen Xin, Assistant to VP Luan Zhongquan and directors of relating divisions, inspects the New Campus on progress of construction.  


Wang Chuanliang inspects teaching buildings of the New Campus and checks progresses of construction with classrooms, auditoriums, bathrooms, etc.  


Wang Chuanliang carefully tries facilities of these buildings, including desks, chairs, benches, doors, windows, lamps, speakers, electronic clocks, and electric fibers.   


Wang Chuanliang extends sincere thanks to all faculties, staff and workers who have been working hard during the summer holiday. He says that it is necessary to lay more emphasis on details and ensure the quality of construction while making sure to complete construction of the New Campus on time. The New Campus will be an elite project to the satisfaction of faculties, staff, students and the whole society.  


A meeting is held on conference room of the New Campus for facilitating progress of construction of the New Campus. Reports are made by relating division directors on progresses of construction.    


On the meeting, Wang Chuanliang raises requests on the following four aspects. Firstly, all faculties and staff must enhance political awareness. Senior administrators and directors of all divisions shall play an active role and view construction of the New Campus as a political mission as well as a core task. Secondly, epidemic containment is still the major focus of the University and equal importance shall be given to both production and epidemic containment. Under the normalization of epidemic containment, we shall be alert to coronavirus epidemic and make sure to embed epidemic containment in all aspects of construction of the New Campus. Thirdly, an overall planning, together with detailed measures, is necessary. There are numerous missions to be accomplished with regard to construction of the New Campus, which requests all faculties and staff to clarify working arrangement, comprehensively utilizes resources of all kinds, and further perfect working procedures. And fourthly, emphasis shall also be laid on supervision and management so as to build a project of clean government. Disciplinary inspection, aiming at ensuring quality and safety of the New Campus, shall be strictly conducted and followed.