BISTU Holds Conference on Students’ Returning to School for 2020 Spring Semester

By Thu, 04 Jun 2020 GMT

Beijing, 4th June, 2020 (BISTU)— The conference on graduating students’ returning to school for 2020 spring semester successfully completes on 3rd June 2020. The conference, called for by President Wang Yongsheng and hosted by Vice President Yu Shijie, is attended by Zhong Zhigang, liaison officer of Beijing Municipal Educational Commission, and directors of General Administration Office, Logistics Department, Office for Safety and Security, Department of Teachers’ Affairs, Office for Students’ Affairs, and Postgraduate Office as well as secretaries and deputy secretaries of school commission of CPC BISTU Committee.  


As per the requests raised by supervising institutions and de facto status of the University, BISTU has decided that a phased arrangement for graduating students’ returning to school will be conducted from 23rd June 2020 based on voluntary requests of students who are listed in different cohorts. The 11 schools of the University, such as School of Economics and Management and School of Computer Science, deliver detailed reports on their preparations and planning on students’ returning to school for 2020 spring semester.  


Following reports delivered by the schools, Wang Yongsheng points out that the past four months of epidemic containment has witnessed steadiness and firmness of CPC BISTU Committee in implementing the decisions made by Central Party Committee and the spirit of the important talks and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The University has been following arrangements of Beijing Municipality and actually pushed forward relating work for students’ returning to school. He then extends sincere thanks to dedication and hard work of faculties and staff of the University.  

With regard to epidemic containment and graduating students’ returning to school, Wang Yongsheng stresses that firstly all faculties and staff must strengthen political awareness and make themselves full aware the importance of the normal of epidemic containment and graduating students’ returning to school. Secondly, epidemic containment enjoys top priority. Following the general requirements epidemic containment, all school commissions of CPC BISTU Committee shall strictly follow relating rules and fulfill relating requests on graduating students’ returning to school. And thirdly, the principle shall be a student-centered one with focus on care and love for students. We are to build a better campus culture and atmosphere for students and we are to care, guide and support students with a very strong sense of responsibility and calling. Those students who shall graduate this year will graduate and those who need to return to school shall come back in time.  


Yu Shijie hosts a seminar on questions and problems that the schools have encountered in the process of making plans and makes future arrangements on issues which are to be coordinated and solved. Zhong Zhigang communicates the spirit of supervising institutions’ conferences in recent time on students’ returning to school in higher educational institutions and he positively comments that BISTU planning is both practical and feasible.