Executive Vice Mayor Cui Shuqiang Visits BISTU for Enhancement of Disciplinary Inspection

By Fri, 22 May 2020 GMT


Beijing, 22nd May, 2020 (BISTU)— BISTU welcomes Cui Shuqiang, member of Standing Committee and Secretary-General of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee as well as Executive Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipality, for enhancement of disciplinary inspection conducted in the past months. Cui Shuqiang is accompanied by Deputy General Director Zhi Haijie of General Office of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Deputy General Secretary Di Tao of Education Working Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, and Chief Jiang Dafeng of the 7th Disciplinary Inspection Team of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee. The seminar is attended by all senior administrators of BISTU.  


Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee delivers a report on epidemic containment and prevention and disciplinary inspection at BISTU in three aspects of epidemic containment and prevention, i.e., educational progress at BISTU, major fields of attention, and working arrangements and achievements in disciplinary inspection. Wang Chuanliang expresses that CPC BISTU Committee attaches great importance to disciplinary inspection and views it as an important political mission of the University. On the day of feedback meeting for disciplinary inspection, CPC BISTU Committee immediately holds a standing committee meeting and establishes a working group headed by Secretary of CPC BISTU Committee and the President of the University. Working arrangements have been made and missions assigned to all faculties and staff. With a clear paradigm and a scientific timetable, the University has closely integrated disciplinary inspection with key issues such as strengthening political building of the Party, further promoting full and strict governance over the Party, accomplishment of the three historical missions of BISTU in 2020, enhancement of governance system and governance competence, implementation of the fundamental task of education with focus on morality, and sorting out highlighted issues with which student, faculties and staff of BISTU are concerned. We are for sure, with thorough preparation and well-knit style of work, produce satisfactory results for CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and students, faculties, and staff of the University.  


Cui Shuqiang points out that BISTU, with proper, positive attitude towards disciplinary inspection, has made thorough preparations and achieved a lot in this regard. It is requested that disciplinary inspection shall be viewed as a political mission and efforts are to be invested to make further, greater achievements.  

Cui Shuqiang raises requirements on disciplinary inspection at BISTU in four aspects. Firstly, political building of the Party shall be given priority. We shall learn and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on political construction in higher educational institutions. Political standards and political requirements shall be embedded in the whole process of running the school and educating students. Secondly, main entities shall fulfill their assigned responsibilities in full and strict governance over the Party. CPC BISTU Committee shall seriously learn and implement relating rules and documentation so as to know the responsibilities, be courageous in shouldering responsibilities, and try one’s best in fulfilling the responsibilities. Thirdly, emphasis shall be laid upon disciplinary inspection. With regard to two key issues as are pointed out by Secretary Cai Qi of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the feedback offered by the 7th Disciplinary Inspection Team of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, CPC BISTU Committee shall start from now and here to make sure every issue will be cautiously taken care of. And fourthly, we shall view the disciplinary inspection as a precious opportunity to facilitate reform and development of the University. While investing efforts in disciplinary inspection, the University shall actively promote educational development, make better preparations for the opening of the 3rd BISTU Party Conference, and design better planning for the 14th “Five-Year Plan” so as to speed up on the way to building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology and to better serve economic and social development of Beijing.  


In the Library of Jianxiangqiao Campus, Cui Shuqiang logs in the online classroom to learn more about online teaching at BISTU. Later, a report is delivered on school resumption and construction of the New Campus. Cu Shuiqiang positively comments that BISTU has done a lot in facilitating progress of education, teaching and research and promoting support and help with recent graduates in job-hunting while investing quite some efforts in epidemic containment and prevention. Cui Shuqiang stresses that the University shall keep working on issues like school resumption, online teaching, employment for recent graduates, etc. under the normal of epidemic containment and prevention.