Wang Yongsheng Conduct On-site Inspection on Construction and Epidemic Containment of New Campus

By Thu, 14 May 2020 GMT

Beijing, 14th May, 2020 (BISTU)— President Wang Yongsheng conducts survey on the New Campus regarding issues in respect of construction of the New Campus, security and safety, and containment of the coronavirus epidemic on 13th May 2020. Reports are delivered in this regard by heads of relating offices. Vice President Ma Qinghong and faculties and staff of Office for Construction of the New Campus accompany President Wang Yongsheng during the survey.  



During the survey, Wang Yongsheng carefully enquires information about progress of construction, containment of the epidemic, safety and security in production, and lock-down management of the New Campus. Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that arrangements and requirements of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government shall be implemented thoroughly. It is not the time to relax our vigilance and the normalized containment of the epidemic has now become our routine work. We shall take initiatives in containing the epidemic. With regard to safety and security in production, Wang Yongsheng stresses that we shall strictly follow all rules and regulations with regard to safety and security. Hidden risks shall be identified as early as possible. Early planning shall be made with coordination of all relating divisions and offices so as to complete construction mission for the New Campus. Wang Yongsheng points out that the “two sessions”, the National People's Conference (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) sessions, are of great importance for all students, faculties and staff of BISTU and we shall be well prepared to contribute to success of the two sessions.  



Heads of units in charge of construction all express that they will make everything ready for containment of the coronavirus epidemic, for safety and security in production, and for successful completion of the construction of the New Campus. The results will for sure be satisfactory.